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   Chapter 173 Lena Plots To Get Andrew

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At Spencer and Peggy's home

Peggy was sitting on the sofa, nursing her swollen face and glaring furiously at Spencer. She gritted her teeth as she said, "Why did you do this to me, Spencer Mu? How could you side with Ashley and slap me in front of so many people? You are supposed to stand up for me!"

Peggy's sharp, dramatic voice brought a frown to Spencer's face and he lost his patience. "Do you have any idea what you're talking about?" he barked. "Do you know who the man standing next to Ashley was? He has enough money to finish our family in the blink of an eye! How dare you act against him! You'd be happy to see our family go to dust, wouldn't you?"

Peggy couldn't believe her ears. "But Ashley shouldn't be able to know someone like that!" she said petulantly. "Just be honest and tell me whether you've been wanting to hit me for a while and used this as the perfect occasion to shame me. Are you tired of me?" Peggy kept up with her questions. She was now making a scene, which further irritated Spencer.

He pointed at Peggy and roared, "Why can't you just understand? Why do you have to be so annoying? I have explained clearly that we can't afford to be that man's enemy. You were there and you saw how much he cared for Ashley. Did you stop to even think of what disastrous consequences would have awaited us if you had continued treating Ashley like you did? There would be no room in J City for our family if the man had truly become enraged!

Even Clyde spoke deferentially to that man. Or didn't you notice that? You are way too insensitive, and you only care about how you can squander money every day with your rich lady friends. And you don't even think of trying and getting to know more about the circle!"

Peggy sneered. "Hah, Spencer Mu, you are now becoming dissatisfied with me, aren't you? You dislike me for using your money. And you hate me for never earning any back. You've started to loathe me because of the money, haven't you?

But guess what? I have so many appointments with those rich ladies—just for you! I keep trying to break into their circle and know more about them, but it looks like you think of me as just another woman addicted to vanity!"

Spencer frowned again as he looked at the woman he had been married to for more than twenty years. He sighed and tried to mollify her. "I didn't mean it like that. Don't take it seriously."

"Mom? Dad? What are you doing? Mom, are you okay

am superior to her in all aspects!'

Flames of ambition burned like fire and danced in Lena's eyes as she made up her mind to win Andrew from Ashley.

"Thank you for your advice, Dad. I know what I'm doing. I will never do anything to harm the Mu Group. Just wait and watch, Dad. I will make our family prosper and flourish, and make it stronger than every family in the city!" Lena said determinedly.

Spencer gazed at his daughter with fondness and pride. He knew that she would never stray from the right path. He didn't say anything in response but he could feel his concerns disappear. His Lena always got things done and never disappointed him.

"Alright, Dad. It's late. I need to go to sleep now. You should get some rest too," Lena said, waved at her father, and went upstairs. The prospect of owning that man exhilarated her. She must now add flesh to the bones of her plan to approach the man and let him fall in love with her. She had to make sure that that plan was perfect.

Lena went back to her bedroom, sank comfortable into her big-sized bed, and immersed herself in thoughts of Andrew's gorgeous and extremely attractive face, which made her heartbeat quicken.

She never felt like this with Raymond. She thought, 'I guess this is natural. Raymond is nothing but a second-hand man that I got from Ashley. Andrew's charm dwarfs Raymond!'

A memory shot through her mind that caused her to jump out of her bed.

She vaguely remembered Peggy threatening to get Ashley married off to some other man so that Ashley could break up with Raymond. The man that Ashley had been forced to marry was Andrew!

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