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   Chapter 172 The Fight

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"Are you awake?" said Andrew in a soft voice like talking to a child. When Ashley was trying to remember what had happened, Andrew's voice interrupted her, making her jerk a little in surprise.

Hearing his voice, she turned and saw Andrew walking into the room.

Ashley nodded her head and asked, "Why I am here?"

"You fell asleep on the couch. I was afraid that you might catch a cold, so I took you here," answered Andrew with a sly expression on his face.

Realizing that she was caught in the act, Ashley couldn't utter a word. Since Andrew had transferred her from the couch to the bed, he must have found out that she was eating chips. That meant a disaster for Ashley. She peeked at him and tried to see if he was angry.

"Are you hungry? Let's go downstairs and eat," Andrew suggested. From the sound of his voice, Ashley was relieved that he didn't get mad at her, making her draw a deep sigh of relief.

The moment she woke up, she felt quite okay. But when Andrew mentioned something about eating, she rubbed her belly and realized that she was hungry at the moment, so she walked down with Andrew.

At the dining table, the food was wonderful. The dishes prepared looked tasty and smelled great. The sight and aroma immediately caught Ashley's eyes. She couldn't help but wonder who had prepared all these. Claire was not working today, so it was not her. Only the two of them were at the house since yesterday. Moreover, Ashley was asleep most of the time. Thus, Andrew had be the one who was responsible for preparing all the delicious dishes.

With the mystery solved that Andrew had made the food, a satisfied and grateful smile was drawn on Ashley's face. She looked at his direction, and was thankful for him for everything he had done for her.

Staring at the food, Ashley sat still. Andrew put the chopsticks in her hand and asked, "What's the matter? Just give them a try, and see if they taste good."

"Did you cook all of them?" Ashley looked at Andrew and asked. She was still surprised at the feast prepared in front of her. All this time, living with him, Ashley remembered correctly that Andrew only knew how to make some easy breakfast. She didn't expect all those delicious dishes were cooked by him.

With a confident smile, Andrew nodded and explained, "I learned how to cook at my spare time."

Without Ashley's knowledge, the truth was that Andrew took a class for it. When they first had a meal together at home, Ashley joked that he should learn how to cook a real meal, so he took some cooking lessons just to meet her request. From that moment on, he said to himself that he wanted to cook for Ashley and enjoy them all together with her for the rest of their lives.

Culinary arts and cooking lessons were not hard for him at all. People with high IQ like him could learn anything very quickly and be good at it in a blink of an eye.

Craving for the mouth-watering meal, Ashley tried a piece of green pepper. The moment it touched her mouth, her eyes lit up immediatel

re we have left last night then. I am sure..." Andrew wasn't able to finish his sentence as Ashley threw back the covers and covered him. She punched the covers lightly to vent her frustration.

As she was attacking Andrew, she yelled angrily, "I refuse!"

Under the covers, Andrew couldn't see her expression, but he knew perfectly well that she was very angry. If given a chance, she would kick him with all her strength and he would be tumbling out of the bed in no time.

They started a fight under the covers like little kids on a pillow fight. The battle ended with Andrew gaining full control. Pinning her down, he was able to put some medicine on Ashley's thighs. After he finished, Ashley ducked back into the covers and went silent.

Andrew held Ashley in his arms. No matter how she resisted, he wouldn't let her go. Thus Ashley was quickly worn out.

"Andrew! Let me go! It feels hot to hold me like that! Don't you feel it?"

Ashley was worn out. She couldn't deal with him anymore, so she put her face out of the covers, faced Andrew and yelled.

Andrew was amused by her temper, but he gave her an innocent look and asked, "Do you feel hot? I will turn the air conditioner on for you then." On the bedside table, he grabbed the controller and pretended to click the button.

"God! You are... You are so annoying!" said Ashley who was still locked in Andrew's arms. By this time, she was too annoyed to utter anything else to Andrew. Ashley was desperate to free herself from his grasps. She looked at him trying to find the cool Andrew from his eyes. She was trying to persuade him to let her go to have her rest. However, looking at him, she couldn't believe this annoying and merciless person who was holding her was Andrew.

"What's wrong? You said you were hot! I am just trying to help," said Andrew teasingly. With a sly smile on his face, he looked at her innocently. From the way he looked at her, Ashley could feel the passion and warmth that he desperately wanted to share with her.

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