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   Chapter 171 A Wonderful Day

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Time had stopped. Ashley hadn't expected Andrew to return so soon.

It felt like just a few seconds for her! She hadn't even had enough time to vent all her feelings.

Ashley put on a poker face, lifted her head like nothing had happened and coolly responded, "Nothing."

A delicious smell found its way to Ashley's nose. She traced it to the bowl in Andrew's hand. Her eyes lit up when she saw what was in his hand.

It was her favorite—congee with minced preserved eggs and pork.

Andrew broke into a smile when he saw her eyeing the food hungrily. "Have some of this. It will hold you up until I finish cooking," he said.

Ashley nodded and reached out to take the bowl from him. But he didn't let go of the bowl. "Let me help you," he offered instead.

Ashley thought about it. She didn't want to embarrass herself further by spilling it on the bed, so she didn't resist.

Andrew was pleased by her good behavior. He looked at her dreamily. His usually cold, unreadable, emotionless expression was gone.

"Are you feeling better?" he asked.

Ashley looked up from the bowl with her mouth full of food. She looked just like a little hamster.

She looked puzzled. 'Why is he interrupting me when I am famished?' she thought.

Andrew couldn't help but poke her bulging cheeks.

Ashley frowned. She glared at him to show her dissatisfaction.

She chewed faster. After she had swallowed the last bit of food in her mouth, she spoke. "What did you say?" she asked.

"Are you feeling better?" Andrew repeated. He looked at Ashley like she was his whole world.

She nodded. But Andrew's eyes were still on her. She suddenly realized he was asking if she was feeling better down there. She blushed and quickly shook her head.

Andrew couldn't hold it any longer. He burst out laughing and said, "I really couldn't tell if you're feeling better or not. I am going to ask you again. Are you feeling better?"

Ashley looked him with puppy dog eyes. "No. It hurts," she mumbled.

Andrew rubbed her head and pursed his lips. "I promise

njoyed the experience very much, but somehow another wave of exhaustion hit her. Ashley closed her drowsy eyes and fell asleep.

Andrew didn't hear any noise from Ashley anymore. He walked out and tried to check on her. He saw that Ashley fell asleep on the couch with a big of opened chips and the TV was on.

He walked over to her and tried to take the bag of chips from her hand. However, she held it tightly and frowned. 'She won't let her chips go even in her sleep, ' thought Andrew and smiled at her cute retaliation.

"Let it go. I will give it back to you later," he pleaded gently. He tugged at the bag of chips softly and finally managed to remove it from her grasp. Andrew took her to bed and gazed at her beautiful face.

He never thought he would find a woman whom he would love to spend every single day with. They shared every moment together. The first thing he saw every morning when he opened his eyes was her pretty face.

It was really wonderful. If he could, he would stop the time, so that he could enjoy this moment longer.

"Hmm..." Ashley stretched and opened her eyes slowly. The room looked different. She suddenly sat up straight.

The last thing she remembered was eating chips on the couch and watching TV. She didn't know how she ended up in the bedroom.

Ashley had no idea what happened. She wondered if she had a blackout.

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