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   Chapter 169 Already Married

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It was known from the start that Andrew's mother never tried to force the marriage because she thought it was good for both of them. However as the going went tough for them, she agreed to end the marriage.

Due to some unknown reasons, after the divorce, Andrew's mother left the country and never came back. She never visited Andrew from that day on. Thus everyone assumed that she might have already forgotten that she had a son.

On the contrary, Ethan married Arya right after he got divorced. Soon, they had a child together, whose name was Susie. Although she was a girl, Ethan loved her way more than he loved Andrew.

All his life, as far as Andrew could remember, Ethan never cared about him at all. That was the reason why there was a distance between them. Nevertheless, Andrew was the only son in the family. He was raised and disciplined to be the successor of both the business and the entire family. Yet, when he was still young, he had seen a lot of his kin scheming against each other for many different reasons. Thus, growing up, he didn't build too much bond towards his family.

"I do have an intimate feeling towards a man, but I don't know if he feels the same. So, I am not sure yet," said Susie with a sheepish smile. She felt a little blue. Confiding her feelings towards her father was rather an awkward topic for such a young lady like her.

She was surprised, however, when Ethan responded, "My daughter is the best. How could any man refuse such a beautiful girl like you? He has to be a fool to do so."

"Dad! Stop! I will figure it out myself! Just leave it to me! Okay?" Susie responded, looking like a spoiled child as she battered her eyelashes at Ethan.

"Okay, okay! I will take my hands off it. But, you have to promise me to keep me in the loop. If he hurts you, you have to let me know. I will make him pay for it," reckoned Ethan with a slight warning in his voice.

Hearing that, Susie cracked a big smile and nodded. She was thankful that Ethan didn't get mad at her for knowing that his precious child was starting to be infatuated to a man.

"Dinner is ready!" said a servant motioning them to go to the dining hall.

"Alright, let's eat!" Ethan said to everyone.

The five of them sat together and enjoyed the meal. Though the meal was sumptuous and the atmosphere was light and hearty, Andrew seemed like an outsider. Not even a slightest affection was felt in his heart for them; he wasn't even considering them as family at the slightest sense.

Where they shared the meal was a square dining table. Ethan and Arya sat on one side, while Susie and Lesley sat on their left side. Knowing his position in the family, Andrew sat alone by himself.

Provided that his schedule for today was quite unoccupied, Andrew didn't have anything important to do for the whole evening after he went to the Luo family's party. Considering that he hadn't eaten much during lunchtime, he was quite hungry, so he ate a few.

"Andrew, try some of this," said Lesley while offering him a platter with an enticing dish. Voluntarily, she picked up a sweet and sour rib with her chopsticks and put it into Andrew's bowl.

Looking at him, Lesley knew what Andrew liked to eat, and played along with him.

Although the information she had about Andrew was a little out of date, she believed it would not change too much. It was understandable tha

s his car.

"Mom, Dad, do you know what happened to Andrew? Why is he so angry?" Susie asked as she entered the living room.

Intending to stop her from asking further questions, Arya quickly walked to her and held her arm. She didn't want Susie to know what was going on. Thus, she just said, "Nothing that really matters. You are still young. When you get older, you will understand. It's getting late now. Go to your room and get some sleep."

Realizing that Arya was not telling her the truth, Susie curled up her lips with disapproval. It appeared that Arya just told her that she was already a big girl earlier in the dinner, yet now she somewhat contradicted her own statement. According to her, she was still young when earlier she said that she was just at the right age. Susie was confused and didn't know what was wrong with Arya. Yet she didn't dare to argue seeing that Ethan was annoyed. Instead, she just went upstairs to her bedroom.

Meanwhile, it was really late when Andrew arrived home. He sneaked into the bedroom. When he saw Ashley curl up calmly in the bed, a great satisfaction rose to his heart.

As quiet as he could, Andrew took a shower and stealthily crept into the bed lying beside Ashley. As he succeeded on not waking her up, a sinister smile was drawn on his face as he gazed at her angelic face. Smelling her sweet scent, he couldn't resist touching her milky white skin that glistened with the moonlight which sneaked through the curtains by the window.

As a gentle breeze swept over him, Andrew felt hotter. Though the servants already put the thick comforters away and the pajamas he was wearing was the thin types too, he was confused as what caused the sudden warming of the temperature.

With one more person under the cover, Ashley felt a little hot too. Feeling a little uncomfortable now, she tossed and turned her body and lifted her left arm and leg on the top of the cover.

Her face turned a little red because of the warm temperature, and she looked peaceful when she was sleeping. Her long lashes were laying on her closed eyes, and her lips were like roses in full bloom. In the dim light, she looked like Sleeping Beauty and Andrew couldn't help but hold his breath at the sight of such a lovely maiden.

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