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   Chapter 168 To Lock Andrew in Political Marriage

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"Andrew! You've finally come back!" Susie cried out cheerfully when she saw Andrew coming in. She hurriedly got up from the sofa in the living room and ran to him.

However, even to his younger sister, Andrew remained sort of indifferent and uttered "hmm" as a response to her excitement.

Two other people appeared on the second floor when they heard Susie's excited voice.

"Is Andrew back?"

An amiable woman in her thirties, hand in hand with a middle-aged man in his fifties, showed on the second floor, looking at Andrew with a warm and gentle smile. The woman was Arya, and the man was Ethan.

"We both miss you a lot. Although you might be occupied with a lot of business at the company at the moment, you need to take some rest. You should also pay attention to your health,"

Arya said softly, as she gave Andrew a fond gaze filled with so much love and care.

"He's already a grown-up. You don't need to have so many unnecessary worries," Ethan next to her muttered. For some reason, he seemed to be very annoyed.

"Dad, Mom!" Susie exclaimed, turning around and looking at them.

With no time to spare, she hurried up the stairs to Ethan, took his hand and said like a child, "Dad, Andrew's finally back!"

Susie was spoiled rotten by Ethan as he had her in his later years.

Ethan gently caressed her head, and as he fondly looked at her with his eyes full of love and affection, he said, "Yes, I see him, darling."

With that, Susie replied, "Then let's go downstairs now!"

With the help of Susie and Arya, Ethan was able to descend the stairs.

Upon getting down, Ethan fixed his eyes on Andrew, who was around 8 centimeters taller than him, and said without much emotion, "What brings you back? You've been gone for so long that I started thinking I don't have a son. Were it not for this call, would you ever come back home? You would forget all about this home, wouldn't you?"

Andrew raised his head and looked at his father indifferently. They looked like they were complete strangers. With a deep breath, he said, "No, I wouldn't."

Ethan sniffed in response. "Well, that'd be good enough for you."

Andrew cast his eyes down again as mixed feelings seized him.

"Why did you ask me to come back? Is there anything wrong?"

"What? Must something go wrong for me to call you back here?" Ethan coldly replied as he once again stared at him devoid of any emotions.

of Andrew and Lesley had been close for generations, and Lesley had loved coming over to visit Andrew since their childhood. She once even said that she wanted to marry Andrew when she grew up. Therefore, it would be of best interest to both sides if they strengthen their already strong connection through marriage.

"Ah, how time flies! They are all grown up now. Before long, Susie will be married too."

"Susie, do you already have someone that you want to marry? Tell Dad. I will help you," Ethan said, as he lovingly gazed at Susie.

"What? No! I have no one, Dad! Also, aren't we talking about Andrew and Lesley? How is it about me now? I am still too young to fall in love! And I want to stay home to keep you and Mom company."

However, the way her eyes sparkled and face flushed gave something away. It seemed like she already had someone in her heart.

Arya used her finger to fondly tap on Susie's forehead while saying, "No, you are not too young. When I was at your age I already had a crush on someone. I think you are ready for a romantic relationship."

Arya was Andrew's father second wife, the first one being Andrew's mother. Their divorce happened when Andrew was still very, very young, and Ethan married soon afterwards.

As Ethan and his first wife were bounded by marriage out of the need for political advancement, their marriage was not founded on happiness and love, especially on the side of Ethan, who literally had no affection for self-asserting business women like his first wife. He had found true love with his second wife, and he intended to keep her for life.

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