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   Chapter 167 Lesley

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Ashley had known that Andrew owned a company. But she had thought that his company was at most, as big as the Luo or the Mu Groups.

She didn't want to create a situation for Andrew. After all, they were businessmen, and these companies would have some connection. Ashley didn't want to become the reason behind Andrew's business facing a tough time from his competitors. But it looked like all her concern seemed unnecessary. Andrew wasn't afraid of them at all. Instead, the Luo family looked terrified of Andrew.

Andrew's reaction caused Ashley's face to darken a little since she now knew that she'd been worrying unnecessarily all this while.

Ashley had heard about the Lu Group before. There were rumors about the CEO of the Lu Group too. However, never in her wildest dreams had it occurred to her that Andrew could be that person. She obviously knew that Andrew's last name was Lu, but she didn't think that Andrew was the CEO of the very Lu Group that was so powerful in the city.

"What's on your mind?" asked Andrew.

His low, sexy voice dragged her out of her reverie.

As Ashley turned to look at Andrew, she found that his handsome face was so close to hers that she could see her own reflection in his eyes.

"Nothing...nothing important," Ashley stammered, flustered, and quickly looked away.

She didn't really know how to face Andrew, now that she had all the extra knowledge. She had surmised that he might be rich and powerful, but just how rich and powerful, she hadn't known.

What surprised her the most was the fact that the random man she had picked on the street to get married to was from such a high-class family.

Andrew's eyes locked on Ashley, as if he understood what Ashley was thinking. He took Ashley into his arms and whispered, "No matter who I am or what position I hold, I am still your husband."

Andrew had a beautiful, sexy, manly voice. When he spoke like that, Ashley felt like she could melt in his arms and in the warmth of his voice. In that moment, he was like a god whispering words of love to the love of his life.

Ashley could feel his warm breath on her ear. It tickled and turned her ears red, causing her body to shiver.

Ashley's expression and the flush on her face stirred something within Andrew, his eyes flashing.

He narrowed his eyes fondly at her and

t she was frightened by Andrew's identity. She needed some time to figure out how she was going to cope with all the new information and as to how she was going to behave with him.

It was possible that Andrew knew all of her thoughts and that was probably why he had left without hesitation. He wanted Ashley to have some time and space to figure it all out for herself. He couldn't help with this, and he knew it.

Andrew drove up to the Lu family's house. It was a huge house that was located in the mountains at the east of the city. The scenery surrounding the house was immensely charming. Andrew's father had moved there after handing over the business to his son.

It would take about ten minutes for Andrew to get to the house after passing through the gate.

Two row of servants were waiting at the front door. They bowed low as they saw Andrew get out of the car and greeted him, "Good evening, Mr. Lu."

Andrew ignored them and walked in.

The living room was huge. A plush white carpet covered the expensive floor.

Two ancient white porcelain vases stood on either side of a large LCD TV.

Everything in the living room was expensive, and the ambiance was stylish and gorgeous.

Waves of laughter reached Andrew's ears as he walked into the house.

"Lesley, you are so smart! This was really hard!" Susie said admiringly. Susie was sitting next to Lesley, and she was looking at her like she was the light of her life.

Lesley smiled shyly and responded, "I can show you how. It's really not so hard once you understand it."

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