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   Chapter 166 The Gift For Your Engagement

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The situation was very clear. Clyde had already made his decision. To his surprise, however, Lena actually refused him. He started to wonder why she had become so slow with this.

Lena still held onto the ring and refused to give it to Ashley. However, she loosened her grip on it after Cora sighed and whispered something in her ear. Lena's eyes widened at what Cora told her, and then she looked at Andrew with unconcealed shock. She could feel her face getting hotter, and her breath was becoming more and more labored.

It was obvious that she was having a hard time in believing that Andrew was a man with a great influence on all the rich people she knew. It never occurred to her that Andrew would be a man who her parents and her parents-in-law only dreamt of having a chance to talk to.

The shock lasted for just a while, though. Soon, her jealousy swallowed her up once again. Her eyes started getting red with evil. Slowly, she glanced at Ashley, who was being protected by Andrew.

She couldn't accept the fact that an orphan who had nothing would end up with such an amazing man. To her, Ashley was nothing. A nobody. To her, Ashley didn't deserve a man like Andrew. A man like him should be hers. And with that, Lena decided to do everything in her power to seduce Andrew.

Because of that, she quickly put her evil thoughts and expression away. After that, she took a deep breath and put on her best, cutest, beautiful and innocent smile on her face. Shyly, she walked towards Ashley and tried to hold her hand. However, Johnny was having none of it and stopped her.

Towering over Lena, he said, "Miss, I'm sorry but you can't get closer. My boss likes to keep a distance with others. You can say whatever you need to say right here."

That made Lena almost lose her temper, but she managed to hold herself together. However, she couldn't let go of what happened. She just glanced at Johnny with mockery in her eyes. She thought there was no point for her to be angry with an assistant that could be replaced easily.

In her head, she truly believed that she would be the wife of the Lu Group's CEO, and then, the assistant in front of her would pay for what he had done. 'I would fire you immediately, and you would regret the day you met me, ' she thought, smirking.

It was a good thing for Lena that Johnny didn't know what was going on in her mind. If he did, he would definitely burst out laughing. Everything that she was thinking was moronic.

And even a moron wouldn't have the guts to think of such things!

Lena would be considered a joke if she ever verbalized what she was thinking.

Johnny, for one, knew for sure that Lena would never have the slightest chance of being Andrew's wife

d like he was just reminding everyone to bring an umbrella since it might rain.

Everyone in the room got and understood the message. Johnny was working for Andrew, the CEO of the Lu Group, and that meant he meant what he said.

Every person in the room silently nodded in agreement.

Seeing that, Johnny smiled and went on his way.

Josef was about to catch up with Andrew and Ashley when Johnny stopped him.

Josef quickly turned around and looked at Johnny. With confusion in his eyes, he asked "What's up? Spill it. I still need to get the car!"

Johnny gave Josef a hopeless look, and replied, "What? Do you have nothing else in your brain besides that car? Can't you see? Mr. Lu and Miss Mu need some personal time together! Do you really want to ruin their moment?"

Josef looked at Johnny and stammered, "But...but...but Mr. Lu didn't tell me that he wanted to spend some time with Miss. Mu alone..."

Johnny slapped his forehead and rolled his eyes. "You hopeless dumbass!" he whispered, shaking his head.

Upon hearing this, Josef got offended. He replied, "Hey, watch out, man! There's literally no need to call me names!"

"I just did. What do you want to do about it? Dumbass," Johnny replied, annoyed.

And with that, Josef started to clench his fists. With narrowed eyes, he threatened Johnny, "Don't you dare speak to me like that!"

However, Johnny was not afraid of his threat nor did he back down. So they started to fight.

They had found their way of leaving Andrew and Ashley alone.

Ashley was still in shock of what was going on. Andrew put one of his arms around her shoulders as they walked in silence. When they got to the car, he opened the door for her and led her inside. Inside, she was finally able to gather her thoughts as she looked into his passionate eyes.

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