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   Chapter 165 My Wife's Ring

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Peggy's hands came up to the cheek that Spencer had just slapped. Her eyes were fixed on him in confusion, and she was too shocked to move.

She tasted blood, which was something that made her realize what was going on. The rage built up within her, and her eyes were spitting fire. She shouted at him, "Spencer! You slapped me! How could you do that to me?"

"Father!" Lena called out. She couldn't believe what had just happened either. She looked at Spencer, trying to understand why he had done it.

Spencer ignored them. He walked up to Andrew and glanced at Ashley, who was in Andrew's arms. He then lowered his head and said, "Mr. Lu. I am sorry about what has just happened. My wife didn't mean to hurt Ashley. She was just a little overwhelmed by the situation. We treat Ashley like our own and will never hit her. My wife might just try to scare her a little so that she would not make such a mistake again." Spencer turned to Ashley and continued, "Ashley knew it too, right?"

Spencer could never have thought that Ashley was the person Andrew was looking for. But he didn't really care about how that had happened. The only thing that was going through his head was that his daughter was the wife of the CEO of the Lu Group. His corporation, the Mu Group, would soon have all the resources and contracts that any company could dream of.

The Luo family would soon be nothing comparing to his family. Ashley had become a shining golden treasure in Spencer's eyes.

He could hardly conceal his excitement, and a big smile took a place on his face. He suddenly felt that adopting Ashley was the best decision he had ever made.

Ashley sneered from within. Spencer's attitude was radically different from how he had been a while earlier. She knew that it was because of Andrew.

"Father, what are you talking about?" said Lena. She was unable to believe what her father was saying.

To Lena, the man who was holding Ashley was just another good-looking man without any money or power. She didn't know why her father was acting so strange.

Ashley never had the chance to meet anyone powerful. Lena hadn't considered the possibility tha

out hesitation. But everyone in that party was accusing and taunting Ashley like it was nothing. Andrew's rage was expanding like wild fire, and soon, it would envelop the Luo family.

"Don't worry. I trust you," Andrew whispered in Ashley's ear.

Johnny had already told him everything. He never could understand how these people could dare to shamelessly accuse someone like that, especially when the wrongly accused person was his wife.

Andrew sneered and said to Clyde, "I really don't know how the ring I gave my wife became your son's engagement ring. I would like an explanation."

Andrew's voice was cold, but Clyde could feel his rage enveloping the room.

Clyde had heard that Andrew was a strategic man. He would, without hesitation, do anything for what he wanted. It had only taken him two years for him to build the Lu Group into a business empire that every corporation in the city could never dream of becoming.

"It has to be a mistake! Lena! Give your sister's ring back!" Clyde said to Lena.

Lena couldn't believe what Clyde had just asked her to do. She refused and said, "Mr. Luo, this is my engagement ring. Look! It has Raymond's and my name on the side!"

Clyde obviously knew that it was their engagement ring. But if Andrew said that it was his, it had become his. The Lu Group was not a small business that they could deal with. Andrew could easily turn their family into nothing if he wanted.

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