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   Chapter 164 Unexpected Situation

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Ashley's lips moved slightly, but she didn't reply. Her face was a blank slate, and there was no trace of guilt or anxiety on her. Peggy found Ashley's silence as defiance and that she didn't intend to admit that she had stolen Lena's engagement ring. This kind of indifferent attitude irritated Peggy to a high degree. Slowly, she began raising her hand, readying herself to slap Ashley. "Since you refuse to admit your crime, I am here to teach you a lesson. Let me show you how thieves are treated in this society!"

What Peggy did was so abrupt that it stunned Ashley so much. She had no time to dodge. When Peggy's palm was about to hit her face, Ashley closed her eyes tightly. Knowing the woman, she knew that Peggy would slap her with all her strength.


Upon hearing Peggy screech in agony, Ashley became very confused. If the slap didn't land on her face, what happened?

Still cautious, Ashley opened her eyes slowly and found a familiar figure in front of her. A tall man was shielding from Peggy's wrath.

Peering from behind the man, Ashley saw that the man was tightly grasping Peggy's hand, making it unable to move.

"Are you hurt?" the man asked Ashley in a low voice. Stunned, Ashley shook her head slightly.

Not one bone in her body expected Andrew to come and protect her.

Seeing Ashley okay and not hurt in any way, Andrew heaved a sigh of relief and turned his eyes to Peggy, the woman who had intended to slap Ashley.

When her hand was about to land on Ashley's face, he felt his heart stop beating. Ashley was the only woman he loved and spoiled. He even couldn't bear to talk to her loudly. But just now she was almost beaten by this barbaric woman!

Fortunately, he arrived in time. Otherwise, he couldn't imagine what would have happened.

"Damn it! Who are you? Mind your own business! Don't you know who I am? Let me go!" Peggy's wrist was starting to turn red, and she had started writhing in pain. Andrew's grasp on her was so tight that she felt that her wrist was going to break. Her face was already twisted and she glared at Andrew fiercely. "I'm the matriarch of the Mu Group. How dare you, a mere nobody, treat me this way! I won't let you off easily! I will make y

her eyes and said nothing. Well, she wasn't the one who pushed Peggy to the floor. They always put the blame on her.

Cora's frown got deeper and she wanted to step forward to help Peggy. After all, the Mu family and the Luo family were going to be in-laws soon. Judging from that man's behavior, it seemed like he was also looking down upon the Luo family.

But as soon as she was about to act, Clyde stopped her and hinted her not to go. They had been married for many years and had already reached a tacit understanding. Clyde gave his wife a look, and she understood it immediately.

It took a moment for everything to dawn on her, but when it did, she looked at Clyde in shock and disbelief. "This man is Mr. Lu?"

Clyde nodded sheepishly in response.

When Peggy saw Spencer coming, she limped to him with Lena's help and squeezed out a few tears from her eyes. "Spencer, thankfully you're here. You must help me out. I was just trying to teach Ashley a lesson, but this man grabbed my hand and threw me to the floor. I'm in a lot of pain..."

However, her act was interrupted by a loud snap. Before she could finish, Spencer slapped her hard.

The slap was so hard that Peggy's face immediately turned red and swollen. After all, Andrew was there, and he obviously seen how Peggy treated Ashley. Peggy offended Ashley, who was a person of great importance to Andrew. Spencer had no choice but to do so. Otherwise, the Mu Group would be single-handedly destroyed by Peggy!

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