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   Chapter 163 Lena's Backup

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At the front door, Clyde and Spencer were smoothing their suits and preparing for their important guest. Although they were successful businessmen, it felt like their first time. They were excited but also nervous and fidgety.

"Clyde, why is he coming to today's party?" Spencer asked feeling confused.

Clyde couldn't answer him. He was wondering the same thing. He had sent dozens of invitations to him, but he had never showed up. He really didn't know what made him accept this particular invite.

Clyde shook his head and replied, "I don't know, but we will find out soon."

Spencer nodded and responded, "Anyway, his presence is going to be good for us. I hear he barely attends any parties or events. If he has decided to show up to ours, then it means he has noticed the Luo Group. It's an honor that the most of corporations don't have."

The two of them were making small talk in a bit to kill time. They were waiting patiently for the arrival of their important guest.

Finally, a silver Rolls-Royce stopped in front the gate. Clyde and Spencer looked at each other, checked their suits one more time and hurried to welcome him.

A handsome man stepped out of the car from the driver's side, walked around the car and opened the passenger door, keeping his head down the entire time.

The first thing one could see was a pair of shiny, expensive shoes descending from the car. A man stepped out. It was dark outside. Spencer and Clyde couldn't see him clearly, but they couldn't help but shiver when they saw the man. It was their natural fear of powerful people.

The man was Andrew. He glanced at Spencer and Clyde, and another shiver went up their spines.

"Good evening, Mr. Lu," said Clyde.

"Good evening, Mr. Lu," echoed Spencer.

They walked to either side of Andrew and bowed slightly. Even though they were older than him, Andrew's wealth and power surpa

ppy with just looking at him!" gushed a girl with a big satisfied smile on her face.

Clyde and Spencer were trying to start a conversation with Andrew. However, he didn't respond to them.

Clyde noticed that Andrew was looking around the room, so he asked, "Mr. Lu, are you looking for someone?"

Andrew finally met his eyes and nodded curtly.

Clyde smiled, "Mr. Lu, I'm the host of the party. I think I would be able to help you with that!"

Clyde was curious to know who Andrew was looking for. He couldn't help but wonder whether he or she was the reason Andrew came to the party.

He quickly ran through the guest list in his mind and tried to figure out who it might be.

He guessed a name, but quickly dismissed it.

Andrew didn't waste time with Clyde. He looked at his phone and walked straight to the front. This time, he was clearly in a rush.

"Ashley, what now? We already have all the evidence. What more do you want to say?" asked Peggy sternly. She crossed her arms and raised her head as if to show her arrogance and superiority.

Ashley, on the other hand, looked very calm. She responded coldly, "I didn't take it. That's all."

Peggy sneered, "You didn't? Then, Lena's ring just magically appeared in your purse, didn't it?"

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