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   Chapter 162 The Show

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The look on Ashley's face, which was a mix of the number of emotions she was feeling in the moment, suddenly dissolved, and it was replaced by a serious look as she gazed intently at Teresa. She said softly but firmly, "Give me my stuff back."

Teresa raised her eyebrows slightly at Ashley and responded, "Your stuff? Why would I? And look! What's this? Oh, I know! It's Lena's ring! The ring she said she didn't take. But it's here. So what does that mean?"

She had a lot of evidence now. There was no way for Ashley to deny it, because no one would believe her.

All the girls looked contemptuously at her, and people around her kept their distance.

"Ah! That's my ring! You found it! Thank you so much Teresa!" Lena exclaimed, walking up to her and taking the ring from Teresa. Between the ecstasy of getting her ring back and the remorse she felt at losing it in the first place, her expression was like a wild roller coaster ride.

"Ashley, why did you take my ring? You know it's very important to me. Anyway, I am glad I have it back, or I don't know what I would have done," said Lena. She look at Ashley tearfully, looking like she would burst out in tears at any moment.

As Lena approached Ashley, Johnny walked up to stand in front of Ashley and spoke stiffly to Lena. "Miss, I think you might be mistaken. I have been with Miss Mu the whole time. How could she take your ring? Also, the ring on your hand is the one my boss gave to his wife. Why are you saying that's yours?"

Johnny obviously wasn't holding back, and it looked like he didn't care to do so. He looked straight into Lena's eyes and made up these lies. He had been warned by his boss to not let anyone stigmatize Ashley. Andrew would kill him if Ashley was hurt.

Johnny knew Lena was not as innocent as she looked. She was known for making trouble for Ashley. Johnny had already gleaned from the gossiping an idea of what was going on. He had a good memory for faces, and when he saw the waitress in the

Once they had left, Cora turned to look at Ashley, but she frowned and looked away quickly, as if sparing Ashley another look would be a waste of her time.

Peggy acted differently. She never liked Ashley in the first place. She could barely conceal the hate in her eyes when she heard that Ashley had stolen Lena's ring and refused to give it back.

She would regret it to the end of her days that she took such an ungrateful girl into her home.

Peggy was ready to teach Ashley a lesson, but Lena pulled at her hand and stopped her. She said, "Mother, let it go. I don't think Ashley meant to do any of this. I've got my ring now."

Peggy shook off Lena's hand and looked at her angrily. "You are too soft and too kind!" she hissed at her. "People keep walking all over you, but you still try to take their side and speak for them."

Lena was about to stop Peggy again, but Teresa walked in and said, "Lena, she is not worth your kindness."

Peggy walked up to Ashley and sneered, "I am ashamed for having considered you as my daughter. How could you do such a thing? You shamed not only yourself but our entire family! Today is Mr. Luo's birthday party. How could you steal from your own sister at such an event? How do you think the Luo family will look at us? And what do you think the guests will feel about us?"

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