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   Chapter 161 Got You

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Ashley fixed her gaze on Judy for a long time without uttering a single word. Even Lena couldn't help but be scared of her right now, not to mention Judy who was cowering behind her.

Finally, Ashley opened her mouth and asked, "You said you had seen me putting her ring in my purse, didn't you?" She was watching Judy closely. Her voice was so calm that no one could tell what was on her mind. It almost felt like she just asked a simple question in a friendly way.

But for Judy, it was not friendly at all. On the contrary, her calm and emotionless tone was chilling.

Meanwhile, Lena, who was stunned this whole time, had quickly snapped out of it. One part of her was still stressed while the other part of her just felt angry.

She couldn't believe she was scared of Ashley. Lena, a real rich, spoilt brat, always believed she was better than Ashley who was adopted by her parents. Without the Mu family, Ashley was nothing. However, everyone thought they were the same, and no one realized the difference between the two sisters. Lena loathed Ashley! Whenever they were together, Ashley would steal the spotlight from her! Even right now, when she was the target of public criticism, Lena was the one who felt like the loser.

Lena calmed herself. She hadn't lost yet. She still had a chance. "I think Judy has already made herself clear. Ashley, she saw you take it. What else do you want her to say now?

I didn't intend to bring Judy in, but you refused to give the ring back to me. That ring is very important to me, so I had no choice but to ask Judy for help," Lena said tying to play the helpless victim.

Then, she turned to the waitress and said, "Judy, don't be afraid. I won't let anyone harm you." Lena turned her attention back to Ashley.

"Ashley, I understand you are quite displeased with Raymond and me but we are already engaged. And soon, we will be married. There is no point in creating all this drama.

Raymond loves me. I really wish you could find a way to be happy for us," she pretended to plead.

Lena's little diatribe revealed a lot of information to the guests.

Everyone was shocked!

They never expected Lena to confirm their suspicions.

There was a rumor in the party that Ashley had stolen Lena's ring out of jealousy, as Raymond had chosen Lena instead of her.

If the situation allowed, Ashley wanted to applaud

to Ashley and was now standing right next to her.

Most of them didn't really have the chance to meet Andrew in person. Johnny was his personal assistant, so he went to many events with Andrew or on his behalf. People had fawned over him. So it wasn't difficult for them to recognize Johnny.

However, only a few people knew who Johnny was. Not everyone had the social status to attend the events Johnny went to on behalf of his boss.

"That's impossible. I don't recognize him at all. Is he the man Ashley is married to? What do you think?" one person asked.

The person right next to her shook her head and answered, "I don't think so. That man addresses her respectfully and maintains a distance. He is more like a servant rather than a husband."

Johnny's arrival gave Teresa the chance she had been looking for. She quickly snatched Ashley's purse when she wasn't looking and opened it. She emptied it out and dumped everything on the floor.

Everyone held their breaths. It was so quiet that when the phone dropped on the ground, it sounded extremely loud.

It was too late for Ashley to stop Teresa. Everything was already on the floor.

There was not much in it save for her phone, a packet of tissues and the ring that was planted in there by someone else.

"Ha! Ashley, what is this?" Teresa asked as she picked up the ring and held it in front of Ashley's face. She smiled proudly like a winner would and continued, "It was in your purse. I got you! What now? What's your explanation now?"

Teresa showed the ring to the crowd and smiled triumphantly at Ashley.

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