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   Chapter 159 The Most Ridiculous Joke

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Ashley didn't want to interact with the wealthy ladies, so she decided to leave the party after she got the clothes from Johnny.

"What did she say? Will she come here?" asked the girls, who were standing next to Lena.

The girl who had talked to Ashley on the phone shook her head and said, "She said she doesn't have time and then got off the phone."

"Lena, do you really have an elder sister? I don't remember you told me that!" one girl questioned, staring directly at Lena.

Lena felt a little embarrassed and responded with a smile, "She was adopted by my parents when she was a child. Since she has always kept a low profile, it is natural that you've never seen or heard of her before."

"Oh wow! She was just adopted? But why do you still treat her so well?"

"Well, you know - we have spent more than a decade together. I've already thought of her as my own sister, flesh and blood."

"Then what should we do? Since she refused to come here, I'm sure that she's the one who has Lena's ring. I really think she stole it from you!" Teresa said, her eyes widening as she connected all the dots.

"But what if she's just really busy?" one girl said, her face doubtful of what Teresa just said.

"Hey, look, look. Is that your sister?" Another girl suddenly asked Lena, pointing at Ashley.

As they were all talking earlier, Lena had told them what Ashley looked like and what she was wearing that day. Also, since most of them had seen Lena and Ashley talk to each other a while ago, they could already recognize Ashley.

Lena turned around and saw Ashley in her long dress, sitting in the corner. "Yes, that's right. That is my sister," she said, her voice trailing off.

"You know what?" one girl said, malice obvious in her voice. "Since she's here, let's go up to her and ask her if she took your ring." Everyone in the group agreed.

"I agree with Teresa. If she hadn't stolen Lena's ring, she wouldn't have lied to us! She outright told us that she was busy, but look at her! She's just sitting there!" one girl expounded, her tone rising with every word she was saying.

"You are so right," one girl said, nodding her head. "She must have felt guilty! How could she do something like that to Lena, when all Lena has been to her is kind!"

It was obvious that Lena misled the ladies on purpose to make the

ow to read people. They easily figured out who Ashley was just from the conversation that was going on around her.

Ashley was an adopted daughter of the Mu family. Despite that, Lena was so kind to her that she truly considered Ashley as her own sister. Maybe just because of that, Ashley became jealous of Lena.

When Lena got engaged to Raymond, it made Ashley feel that it was very unfair to her. Therefore, she decided to steal Lena's ring.

Or perhaps both Ashley and Lena fell in love with Raymond, but the girl Raymond had feelings for was Lena, not Ashley.

After all, Lena was the heir of the Mu Group. She was also very beautiful and definitely excellent in whatever she did. Even if Ashley was legally a member of the Mu family, she was just adopted. Anybody who had common sense would choose Lena over Ashley, let alone Raymond, who was such a smart man.

After a short while, almost everyone in the party believed that Ashley was jealous of Lena and stole her ring because she also loved Raymond.

Upon hearing people's discussion, Lena's lips curved into a satisfied smile that she didn't let the others see.

Facing people's doubts, Ashley slowly got up and looked at Lena with a blank expression on her face. "You said that I stole your ring, didn't you?"

Teresa moved in front of Lena and said, "Ashley, don't even think about threatening Lena. She's so kind that she doesn't want everyone to know about it. But are you really not ashamed of it? She treats you so well, how could you have the heart to steal her ring and hurt her?"

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