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   Chapter 156 The Incident

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"Mr. Luo and Mr. Mu. What a pleasure to see you!" Mr. Chen greeted Spencer and Clyde while he held a pretty girl around the waist.

Spencer and Clyde nodded their heads lightly and greeted back, "Nice to see you here, Mr. Chen."

The three of them were all successful businessmen and partners as well. They had built a large number of contracts together.

Although both Mr. Mu and Mr. Luo were not fans of people like Mr. Chen, they wouldn't ruin their business partnership with him because of it. Their corporations had the same amount of power in the city. It wasn't wise to give anyone a hard time and rock the relationship.

"Is she the daughter from the Mu family who got engaged to Raymond? She does look gorgeous. No wonder Raymond would fall for her," said Mr. Chen. He looked at Lena from head to toe without restraining his lechery. It was as if he was undressing her with his eyes.

Lena's face froze and became ashen when she saw Mr. Chen. Seeing him reminded her of what had happened that night, and she couldn't help but feel disgusted.

His compliment sounded provocative. Everyone there was intelligent enough to figure it out, and they frowned at his boldness.

Raymond came and stood beside Lena holding her hand. He looked at Mr. Chen and said in a gentle but firm tone, "Lena must be flattered. I'm sure she appreciates your compliment very much."

Raymond didn't love Lena, but she was his fiancee and future wife. He couldn't just sit idly by and watch her being taken advantage of by anyone.

Lena nodded her agreement with Raymond and mumbled her appreciation to Mr. Chen in a low voice. She couldn't bring herself to make eye contact with Mr. Chen, so she looked anywhere but at him.

Everyone assumed that Lena must be scared of Mr. Chen. They felt pity for her and didn't think any more of it.

Mr. Chen glanced at Raymond's hand, which he put on Lena's shoulder, then he cracked a sleazy smile. "Oh, really? You're a lucky guy to have such a beautiful fiancee."

Raymond smiled back and responded, "Mr. Chen, you're not bad, either."

"Raymond!" scolded Mrs. Luo with an unhappy look on her face, "How can you talk to Mr. Chen like that?"

"Ha, it's okay! I don't mind. Raymond has a way with words, and

n front of her.

Johnny was about to give the waitress a piece of his mind for her clumsiness. However, since Ashley spoke for her, Johnny could only keep his mouth shut.

The young waitress was filled with sadness and embarrassment, and the tears streamed down her face.

Ashley sighed helplessly. She hadn't blamed the waitress for anything, yet the waitress was already in tears.

Ashley rolled her eyes at Johnny and blamed him for making the waitress cry.

Her tears had come so suddenly. It was totally out of Johnny's expectation too. He didn't think what he said would have affected her so much. 'Is it really necessary to cry that much?' thought Ashley.

"Hey, stop crying. I'm okay. You'll be fine too! It's okay. Go and take care of your own business! Don't waste your time here. Go on," Ashley said to the teary waitress in a low and warm tone.

"Really? Thank you so much! Please don't report this to my manager. I worked so hard to get this job. I really want to stay here!" The young waitress looked at Ashley with pleading teary eyes and begged.

"You'll be fine. I won't tell your manager. Only you and I know about this. You'll be okay. I promise!" comforted Ashley.

If her manager or Lena knew about this, they would only cheer about it. They would be more than happy to see how humiliated Ashley was.

Today was an unlucky day for Ashley. The waitress was the one who bumped into her and yet, Ashley was the one to comfort the person who was responsible for it.

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