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   Chapter 155 Cause Troubles

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Feeling anxious, Johnny looked at Ashley with worry.

'This is getting bad, Miss Mu has bumped into her ex-boyfriend. Would he get his relationship with her back?' Johnny thought in his head. He felt more worried as he continued to think about that. 'Oh my god! What about Mr. Lu?

Miss. Mu is his first girlfriend. It can't just be over right now!' Johnny worried, but his thoughts weren't over yet.

'Oh, wait!

What an idiot I am. They have been married already, ' thought Johnny with an excited look evident on his face. However, he started to worry that Ashley might have an affair.

Overhearing all those thoughts in his head, Johnny felt like a mother hovering over her son and worrying about his marriage.

With all the fuss, Johnny sighed deeply and had set himself to accept his fate of worrying about Andrew's personal life.

Although Andrew paid him very well, there were too many things to worry. Needless to say, aside from his work as his assistant in the company, Johnny had been so faithful to him that he even trusted him with matters of his personal affairs, and that included Ashley.

This time, when Raymond stopped Ashley from leaving the venue, Lena looked down with an aggrieved and innocent look.

Mrs. Luo saw everything in her eyes, and the way Raymond looked at her. She hated Ashley even more, seeing that there was still something between the two of them regardless of the circumstances. On her mind, she thought that Ashley was an ungrateful evil woman. The Mu family took her as their own, and Lena treated her as her sister. But now, she was shamelessly seducing her younger sister's fiance!

Clearly, Mrs. Luo totally forgot Raymond was with Ashley first. All she wanted was for her to keep a safe distance away from her son knowing that he was with Lena now. She must show some decency some time. Even though Lena was the one who stepped into their relationship and took Raymond away from Ashley, still it didn't look good for Raymond to be seen closer to Ashley than to Lena knowing that they were now engaged to be married.

"Raymond, why are you holding Miss Mu's arm? That is not how a gentleman asks a girl to stay for a bit longer," with a peevish look and an inquisitive expression on her face, Mrs. Luo said coldly.

Hearing that, Raymond realized his reckless behavior and loosened his hand. Ashley glanced him, pulled her arm out, turned and readied to walk away.

She just wanted to leave this place as soon as possible.

However, some people just didn't let her out of the situation easily. A familiar, angry voice piped in and stopped her again.

"Ashley, stop!"

Hearing the familiar sarcastic tone, Ashley recognized the voice and gulped. It was Peggy without a doubt. All her life she knew that Peggy didn't like her to be her own child though they adopted her as a kid.

Preparing herself to face the woman she dreaded, Ashley sighed deeply. 'What's wrong with today? Why would all the things have conspired against me together?' Ashley thought silently w

t too close to her.

"Yo! Beautiful ladies! What's up?" An absurd voice came in between, making them turn their heads to the person who was speaking.

Mr. Chen teased them as he crept in without anyone noticing him.

Judging from the way he looked, he was in his forties or fifties. The black suit and tie he wore with his rather bald head made him look rather dull and queer.

However, nothing could stop him from fixing his eyes on Lena. Obviously, he had a thing towards Lena.

However, there was a woman in her thirties that stood right next to Mr. Chen. She had a very attractive figure and a pretty face, needless to say.

The corner of her eyes was lifted slightly up, which seemed to be able to charm any man. The sexy red sheath dress which showed off her curvaceous figure made her look like she was a twenty years old girl.

She looked around and locked her eyes on Spencer who was just inches away from where they were standing.

Being interrupted by Mr. Chen's appearance, Ashley was about to leave. However, when she noticed what the lady in the red dress was doing, she was shocked and she stopped walking all of a sudden.

Uncomfortably, she felt like being hit by a wedge in her heart. Although it was none of Ashley's business, she just felt disgusted by seeing it.

The lady in red dress must be blind to pick up Spencer as the target.

With her figure and looks, she would easily get a better sugar daddy than Spencer.

With these thoughts in mind, Ashley really doubted about her taste and questioned her decision.

'Stop! Ashley! Stay out of Spencer's way. Ah! What am I thinking?' Ashley was trying to scream those thoughts out of her head.

Bracing herself up, Ashley stopped herself from thinking those useless things. They could do whatever they wanted. It was really not her business.

She reminded herself that she was not that kind of person who liked to gossip. She wouldn't stoop down at the level of those cheap women who liked to mess with other people's lives.

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