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   Chapter 154 The Disgusting Acting

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Lena gained strength on her hands. She whispered, "Raymond, don't forget where you are! You don't want everyone to know about what happened between you and Ashley in the past, do you?"

Raymond didn't reply. He just looked away from Ashley suddenly.

However, that didn't stop him glancing at Ashley again.

Raymond couldn't believe that was Ashley. When he saw her for the first time at the party, he could barely recognize her. Ashley looked elegant and sophisticated today, and Raymond had never seen her dressed this way before.

"Lena and Raymond, why are you here? I was looking all over for you!" said Raymond's mother.

"Why are you all here?" she asked again.

"Nothing, mother. What's the matter? Let's go. You can tell me about it on the way," said Raymond. Subconsciously, Raymond didn't want his mother to see Ashley.

Raymond cast a contemptuous glance at Lena and hinted for her to come with him.

However, Lena ignored his stare. She dug her nails into her hand and smiled as though nothing had happened. Then she held Mrs. Luo's hand gently and interrupted, "Auntie, my sister came, and we were just chatting with her."

Mrs. Luo seemed to adore Lena, and she was delighted for Lena to be her daughter-in-law. She smiled warmly at her.

Raymond's mother had always wanted a daughter. The birth of Raymond had taken every bit of her strength away, and she couldn't have any more children after that. Lena was the ideal image of what sort of daughter she would have liked. That was why she cherished Lena so much and treated her as if she were her own.

"Oh? I didn't know that you had a sister. Why haven't you ever mentioned her before?" questioned Mrs. Luo.

Lena replied apologetically, "My parents adopted her when she was young. She's not my real sister, but she is part of the family. She's very busy with her work, and she doesn't really enjoy going to parties. I don't like to bother her, and many people aren't aware that I have a sister."

Mrs. Luo patted Lena's hand and said, "You're such a kind girl!"

Lena gave her a shy smile.

Then she walked up to Ashley and tri

ged her to stop teasing her.

Raymond couldn't help but feel uncomfortable by their conversation. He looked at Ashley and wondered if she thought the same. However, when he glanced at Ashley, he was disappointed to find that her expression was calm. He couldn't tell if she was hurt by what they said or not.

Although he felt somewhat relieved, another thought entered his head.

It was very obvious to Ashley what Lena was trying to do. She wanted to make Ashley embarrassed. She played her role well and dragged Mrs. Luo in to help. The two of them just wanted Ashley to stay away from Raymond.

However, their efforts were a waste of their time

because Ashley didn't have feelings towards Raymond anymore. They used Raymond to attack Ashley. They gave him way too much credit.

The two women put on a pretentious show of a good relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Ashley felt sick to the stomach and quite disgusted by their fulsome acting.

Ashley had always been direct with whom she liked or disliked. She didn't have the stomach to watch this nonsense any longer.

"Since you're all very busy, I'll leave you to it. If you'll excuse me," said Ashley as she prepared to leave.

"Ashley..." said Raymond. His eyes were fixed on her the whole time. Raymond just couldn't take his eyes off her. Knowing she was about to leave, he quickly grabbed her arm without thinking.

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