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   Chapter 153 Envy And Jealousy

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Those people just loved spying on other people's privacy. It was in their nature to start gossip at any place, using any circumstance, about anyone. And it was especially true when it came to those rich men's wives.

A satisfied look appeared on the woman's face as she realized that she became the center of attention. Actually, she just saw the brand by chance and accidentally knew Ashley's dress was from that famous boutique.

"The dress that she is wearing is from The Silver Moon."

As the others heard this, their jaws dropped. Suddenly, they all turned to Ashley in surprise.

The woman didn't need to explain anything, she knew that everyone understood what she was implying.

The Silver Moon was famous in J City, and almost everyone here knew it.

It was just an ordinary dressing shop but it had powerful backing.

Its boss was a daughter of the Feng family. Her designs were simple but very unique, and she had won many famous international dressing design awards.

Because of that, her works had been popular amongst the rich patron of the arts and had been sold like hot cakes in J City.

All of sudden, the way they looked at Ashley totally changed. "The money bag she leans on must be very, very full. If not so, how could she be able to afford anything from The Silver Moon?"

one lady said. No one in the group planned on avoiding being heard by Lena or Ashley and so they didn't bother lowering their voice.

As expected, Lena heard exactly what they were talking about.

With that, she clenched her fists tightly and stared fiercely at Ashley and her dress. It looked 'humble' but it wasn't 'humble' at all.

But after a while, her look of anger suddenly changed into a malicious smile, as if she was planning something.

Ashley, on the other hand, jumped when she heard what the ladies were talking about.

'I didn't know that the shop where this dress came from has powerful backing! I just thought that the owner was a friend of Andrew so he brought me there to try dresses!'

While thinking of this, she could clearly remember the way Andrew had talked to the owner, whose name was Jade. It really seemed like they were very close.

A defiant smile crept on Teresa's lips when she heard what the ladies had said. She turned to face Lena and said, her tone strong, "See! You've heard it yourself! Save it, Lena. She has a sugar daddy to l

ct, obviously.

Then Lena said, "Well... I'm with Ashley! Look, she is there."

"Ashley?" The moment he heard her name, he felt like his soul left his body. Raymond raised his head and stared at Ashley affectionately. At that moment, he totally forgot that his fiancee was standing by his side.

The onlookers started whispering to one another as they noticed that Raymond was looking at someone else with so much intensity despite that someone not being his fiancee.

"Look, I think their relationship isn't that simple. You could see that, right?" One of them whispered with her eyebrows furrowed after she saw how Raymond lovingly gazed at Ashley.

"Is there anything wrong?"

"Look! Raymond's looking so tenderly at that girl! It's as if he's looking at someone that he loves the most. Did you notice that?"

"What? How could that be?" The other one loudly said, a dumbfounded look on her small face.

"Well, girl, look again! Look again, but carefully."

"Oh my god, you're right! It is indeed like what you said! Hmm... Do you know what happened between them?"

"Only God knows, sis!"

Then, they put their heads together to try and figure out the relationship between Raymond and Ashley.

Lena heard everything and because of that, the sweet smile on her face faded suddenly. A second later, however, the smile was back, though this time, she looked crazed instead of happy. With a swift motion, Lena reached out to Raymond and grabbed him by his torso, effectively hugging him. With a loud, sweet tone, she exclaimed, "See, Raymond! It's Ashley, my dear sister!"

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