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   Chapter 152 A Stupid Girl

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Updated: 2019-08-09 04:49

In life, sometimes, things didn't turn out the way we expected. Right this time, Ashley didn't want to see Lena, but due to some twist of fate, they still ran into each other.

Ashley drank some juice and ate a lot at the party. Thus she slowly rubbed her full stomach and decided to take a walk to relieve herself from indigestion.

Before she stood up, she especially took a glance at Lena and then walked in the opposite direction. Unfortunately, no matter what she would do to avoid her, she still met Lena along the way. It seemed that their paths were destined to cross today no matter what she did.

Facing her this time, and looking at her beaming yet sarcastic face, Ashley thought, 'How ironic it is to run into Lena this way!'

On the other hand, Lena, when she saw Ashley, was very happy and hurriedly held her arm. But Ashley glanced at her with a poker face. Not intending to insult her in any way, she carefully pulled her hand out of Lena's grip while giving her a sheepish smile.

For the occasion, Lena wore a white flowing dress, whose edges were placed with a lot of small diamonds. Under the bright lights, the sparkly diamonds attracted almost everyone's attention.

With a tiara on her head, Lena wore her hair up and some were hung down next to her ear, which made her look like a princess. With the 10-centimeter high-heeled shoes, her legs looked even more slender and sexier.

Perfecting her look was her snow-white skin and she was wearing delicate makeup.

If other women would dress up like that, they would look strange and ugly. But Lena, however, being the elegant and glamorous as she was, carried the attire with some elite finesse. Ashley knew that Lena was different and she always wanted to stand out and be the center of attention. At that moment, Lena really looked like a princess. Without a doubt, she was a beautiful and attractive girl.

While Ashley wore an ankle-deep mauve long dress. She let her smooth black hair down around her shoulders randomly. With a touch of powder on her delicate face, she looked so youthful and gorgeous. She put on a little lipstick and wore a pair of white flats.

Without any decorations on her simple dress, it looked very plain and simple. But Ashley was born with confidence and grace. Therefore, though she just wore a plain dress, she still looked beautiful.

Putting it more accurately, Ashley looked more beaut

ave more talks with her. Anyway, she won't appreciate it. Or even worse, maybe she is blaming you in her heart."

As the future daughter-in-law of the Luo family, everyone in the party knew Lena. Although everyone that attended the party was all wealthy and powerful, they also liked gossips. Seeing that Lena was in between sobs right now, all of a sudden, they looked in Lena's direction.

When they saw Ashley, a glimmer of surprise flashed in their eyes.

"Who is that girl? How beautiful! I've never seen her before," one person said.

"You mean the girl in the long dress? I heard that she is the adopted daughter of the Mu family. Lena said that she is her elder sister. But just now that girl mentioned that she has nothing to do with the family now. I don't know why," in a low, whispered voice, another person responded.

"Well, maybe she has met someone wealthier than the Mu family," just inches away from them, a woman, whose eyes flared with jealousy, looked at Ashley and said.

"Don't be so sure. Maybe you guessed wrong," another person frowned and denied what the woman had said just now.

"I think I didn't get her wrong. Just take a look at her dress. It looks plain and simple. But do you know the brand of it?" that woman argued.

"Then tell us what brand it is," the person dared her. A group of people looked at the woman when they heard that she mentioned the brand of Ashley's dress. All were in awe hearing what she had just said. In fact, Ashley's dress looked plain and simple, but it was really beautiful. Thus every woman in the room was interested in it.

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