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   Chapter 151 Bad Idea

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Not knowing when Andrew would arrive, Ashley found herself a secluded seat and sat down while she waited for him.

"Do you know if Caroline still has feelings for Raymond? I just heard that she almost quarreled with Lena," said a woman who was gossiping.

"Who knows. Caroline made it known to everyone that she was chasing Raymond back then. She almost has declared it to the whole world. However, she was refused by Raymond, and you know, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Let alone a woman as arrogant as Caroline."

"That's right. Now that Raymond and Lena are engaged, she is probably feeling even worse. It adds jealousy to the fury when you see a love rival. Surely they are graceful enough to refrain from fighting? It's nothing just to quarrel." What the woman said sounded plausible, and it was as if she had firsthand information.

"Is it possible that she just hates Lena? After all, it's no secret that Lena is at odds with Caroline."

"I think that's probably the reason."

"I can't say for sure. It's probably a combination of both."

It was said that "Three women are enough for a drama." Yet here, several women were gossiping, and one could only imagine how many dramas they could make.

Ashley hadn't expected to overhear the piece of gossip since she chose a reclusive spot on purpose. Evidently, the women thought they had chosen a private place to tittle-tattle as well.

She knew the Caroline they spoke about. When Ashley was with Raymond, Caroline had taken a fancy to him way back then and would always hang around him.

Ashley and Raymond were very discreet with their relationship, so Caroline had no idea that they were a couple. Eventually, Raymond must have said something to Caroline because after that she never hung around him anymore.

Now that Ashley found out what Raymond was like, she felt grateful that she had broken up with him. Otherwise, she didn't know what she would have done with Raymond being such a womanizer.

Ironically, little did Ashley know that Andrew would attract even more women than Raymond in the future.

"Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention, please?

btedly face him if he were to leave Ashley alone here. Who knew what his boss would do to him if he went against his boss's orders and left her.

Ashley didn't mention anything further to him. She glanced at the delicate desserts on the table and took one and elegantly put it in her mouth.

Johnny stayed close behind Ashley all the time, like a bodyguard.

It was either because the seat Ashley chose was secluded enough or it was because of other reasons that nobody came to bother her. Ashley was glad to be left out of the socializing buzz.

On the other side of the hall, after Lena got off the stage, she searched the room with her eyes.

Raymond noticed that she was looking for something or someone and asked curiously, "What are you looking for Lena? Is there anything wrong?"

Lena drew her attention back to him and said, "Oh, no, nothing. I was just looking around." She then smiled at Raymond.

However, when Raymond looked away, Lena still searched the room.

Lena had deliberately sent an invitation to Clyde's birthday party to Ashley. Actually, more than just one, she wanted to make sure she received an invitation. It was such an excellent opportunity to provoke and trample on her. Of course, she wouldn't let a chance like that slip away.

However, after searching the crowd for a while, she found no sign of Ashley. 'Didn't Ashley come? It's not possible. How could she not come to the party?'

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