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   Chapter 150 Avoiding

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Raymond's parents were satisfied with Lena and had already treated her as their daughter-in-law. Otherwise, they wouldn't have asked her to take care of this important birthday party. All the ladies envied Lena, and they thought she was very lucky.

Lena smiled and said graciously, "It's my first time to organize a party of this magnitude. I still have much to learn. Please, feel free to let me know where I can improve." Although Lena had been reserved with her words, she couldn't hide the smile on her face.

"Well, Lena, don't be modest. You've earned it. You're such a fortunate lady. You're beautiful, you come from a prominent family, you have a handsome fiance, and your kind mother-in-law treats you so well. We all envy you," a young lady flattered her as she gazed at Lena.

"None of us are as lucky as you," another girl said.

A group of rich girls surrounded Lena. They paid her all kinds of compliments, which made her feel special.

Teresa Li felt a little irritated because she had been shunted aside by those wealthy girls.

So she interrupted, "Well, girls, off you go. Lena has something to do now." Teresa Li was Lena's sidekick.

The girls exchanged confused looks with one another and then left. After all, they didn't know Lena well, and it was Teresa Li who had a good relationship with her and not them.

Once the girls had left, Teresa Li rolled her eyes and sneered with disdain written on her face.

"Who the hell does she think she is? How dare she talk to us like that?

What's her problem? Just because she's friends with Lena. If Lena doesn't keep her as her best friend in the future, she won't act so arrogantly like that anymore," one girl muttered furiously.

They disliked the way Teresa Li behaved.

"Hey, shh, shh! Lower your voices. You never know who could be lurking," one girl gestured at the angry girls and reminded them in a low voice.

After venting their anger, the girls felt better and didn't mention it anymore.

Teresa Li was satisfied when she saw that it was just Lena and her. However, she hadn'

eyes as she looked at Lena's back.

She acted on pure impulse when she hid behind the bushes. Ashley couldn't put her finger on it, but she just couldn't bring herself to meet Lena. Ashley wouldn't be able to stand it if Lena saw her and pretended that she cared about her and then Ashley would have to do the same back. She was sick of the pretentious act between the two of them.

The waiter led Ashley inside the mansion, and she frowned, stopping the waiter, "Where are you taking me?"

The waiter answered, "I'm taking you to see Mr. Luo."

Ashley had shown the waiter Andrew's invitation, so the waiter thought he should take it seriously and thought it was better to inform Clyde Luo about it. That was the reason why he decided to take her inside the mansion.

Ashley thought to herself, 'If Raymond's father sees me, maybe he will kick me out.'

"Don't bother. I think I should stay here in the hall. Just go about your own thing," Ashley stated.

The waiter looked surprised and continued, "But..."

"Um?" Ashley looked at the waiter and questioned with a cold stare.

Ashley was nearly as intimidating as Andrew when she wore a cold face.

Being alarmed by Ashley's question, the waiter nodded and went back to work obediently.

Ashley looked around and found everyone was talking about their own affairs, not paying any attention to others around them.

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