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   Chapter 149 Being Under The Spotlight

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Tables covered by nice tablecloths were arranged in a line on both sides of the room. On them, beautiful cakes and pastries were placed in fancy plates and expensive wines were poured in crystal glasses that were laid up like a pyramid. Everything looked perfect.

The waiter was still trying to lead the way, but Ashley suddenly stopped. She saw an old friend.

Lena was chatting with several girls who were around her age.

"Oh my god! Lena, is that the ring he gave you? It's so pretty!" A girl in a short light yellow dress took Lena's hand and looked at the ring that was on one of her fingers.

"That is so pretty! And the way it shines... Oh my god! That at least weighs five carats, I bet! It shouldn't be a big deal for Raymond though. He is the son of the Luo Group's CEO after all. I'm sure he is generous!" said the girl in pink dress. The dress was knee-length and covered with pearls. Because of that, every time she moved, light reflected off of them and it made her look like she was sparkling.

The girl also had beautiful, long, blonde hair, and with her features being so delicate, she was very stunning.

Her tone sounded very jealous as she looked at Lena, who was obviously enjoying the compliments she was getting.

"Oh yes, you should all be jealous of Madame Lena. Raymond is not only generous to her but also adoring, and he is willing to do anything for her. No one else would have such luck as her in finding such an amazing fiance!"

Lena's little helper said, further flattering her. The helper wore a long light green dress. Her hair was in a great updo, which really complemented her overall style. While she looked cute, it didn't look nice when she kept trying to cozy up to Lena's good side.

She immediately spoke for Lena when she smelled the oncoming showdown.

It was not unusual for rich girls to get jealous or be someone that other girls got jealous of.

Some of them would fight for it, and the rest would take sides.

A girl sneered, "It's just a ring. I don't really know why you are making a big deal out of it." The girl who just spoke wore a body-tight black dress that was slightly above her knees.

It showed her perfect figure. She used a hairpin

nd pretended to be a kind innocent girl. With a deep breath, she said, "I know. Caroline probably just felt a little uncomfortable with me engaged to Raymond. But you know, I would never make a fuss about the trifles with her. Anyway, the party is about to start. You guys enjoy yourselves. I have to go walk around and make sure everything is ready. You all have to excuse me,"

Lena said, a sweet smile on her lips. She acted so well that no one really knew how she truly felt inside.

The last statement she said to them was clearly to show off her importance to the Luo family.

Lena was the one who planned the whole party on the behalf of them. As she was already engaged to Raymond, the Luo family had already accepted her as their family. In the future, Lena would face and plan those kind of parties a lot. But that was neither here nor there - right now, she was yet to marry into the Luo family. But seeing that they already let her help in planning such an important party, it was clear how much the Luo family already favored her.

Girls like Lena who came from the family like Mu would usually marry for the business. They didn't really have a chance to refuse. It was their destiny. That was why some of them would feel jealous of her engagement.

"Wow! Lena, is that true? You planned the whole party? No wonder I felt this party was different from the ones I used to go to! I really like it! I bet you worked hard on this!" A girl said, admiring Lena.

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