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   Chapter 147 Ashley Didn't Want To Go To The Party

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Andrew suddenly interrupted Jade, "Well, we have to go now because we have something important to do."

Saying that Andrew went out before Jade got a chance to say something more. He turned back so abruptly as if he was in a hurry to go. Seeing this, Jade was left speechless as she didn't know what to say or how to react.

"Have you finished with what you are talking about?" Seeing Andrew come out, Ashley moved towards them and asked.

"Yeah!" Affirming to Ashley's question, Andrew nodded his head and intended to head out with her while holding her hand.

Not wanting them to leave all of a sudden, Jade wanted to say something to delay them even for a minute. However, when she saw the expression on Andrew's face, she was halted with what she was about to do and shut the idea off her mind. 'Where's Rosaline? If she doesn't show up soon, Andrew will get out of here, ' Jade thought.

When she was just fretting on Rosaline's arrival, she heard a sweet voice from outside.

"Andrew!" Rosaline called with her sweet and surprised voice with an equally bright face. She looked so stunning in her casual shirt and skirt attire while wearing a light make-up.

Seeing her, Jade stopped frowning at once. 'Thank goodness. Rosaline shows up just in time, ' she thought to herself.

With a smile on her charming and delicate face, Rosaline appeared right across Andrew's path.

Subsequently, Andrew looked at Rosaline and nodded his head to greet her with a cold face.

"Andrew, are you leaving?" Looking at the pissed-off expression on his face, and the way he acted as if he was impatient, Rosaline frowned and asked, being slightly frustrated and sad.

Rosaline was wearing a knee-length white pleated skirt with white lace. From her ruffled three-quarter sleeves, you could see a small part of her fine snow-white arms. She was wearing her white high heels. She was simply charming and irresistible.

Her black hair was shoulder-length, with a bit curl at the ends. And her eyes were big that complimented the features of her smart face, and her skin was white, which made her look beautiful and lovely.

Intending to persuade him to stay a little longer, Rosaline stretched out her hand to hold Andrew's arm. To her surprise, however, Andrew pulled away. He was determined to leave and no one could stop him, not even Rosaline.

At that moment, both Ashley and Rosaline looked at each other and both were surprised by Andrew's actions.

As Rosaline saw that Ashley and Andrew were quite close to each other, Rosaline was stunned.

'Who is that woman? How dare she stand so close to Andrew? I can even sense that they are close to each other!' Rosaline thought to herself, jealous of Ashley being close to Andrew.

As far as Rosaline was concerned, Andrew didn't have a girlfriend. All this time, she had never seen any women by his side. After all, she had all the time in the world to get to know Andrew better. She was grateful to Jade for it was because o

Johnny." With that, he escorted Ashley towards the car where Johnny was waiting. After they got into the car, Andrew gave Ashley the invitation.

"Will you be joining us after you take care of what it is that you need to deal with?" With a puzzled look on her face, Ashley asked as she looked at the invitation.

"Don't worry. I'll be there soon," Andrew answered shortly.

All of a sudden, Ashley saw a familiar name on the invitation, which made her completely stunned.

Clyde Luo, CEO of the Luo Group, would celebrate his 50th birthday on May 12. The invitation was from him.

All this time, Ashley knew that Clyde had a son and his name was Raymond. Coincidentally, Ashley dated him for three years. When she was his girlfriend, he once asked her to meet his parents. But she refused, for she thought that was not the right time. Moreover, she felt that Raymond's parents didn't like her at all and what they had during that time was nothing but just a teenage love affair. So, before they ended their relationship, Ashley wasn't able to meet his parents.

Today, however, she was totally taken aback and she didn't expect that the birthday invitation was from Raymond's father.

At that moment, Ashley felt that the invitation was like a hot potato, that holding it in her hands made her sense a burning sensation that pierced through her skin. She wanted to throw it away and just dismiss the idea of attending the party, but she couldn't.

Maybe she should have seen that coming. These things were inevitable and had high probabilities of happening. Both Raymond and Andrew were considered high members of society. Therefore, it was normal for Andrew to receive invitations from Raymond's father considering that they were from the same circle.

If the invitation was from another high member of the society, Ashley would go without hesitation. However, today's invitation was from her former boyfriend Raymond's father. How would she react to this? She didn't know.

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