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   Chapter 146 The Worries

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Jade hid the nasty side of her in front of Andrew.

When Ashley walked out the room, Andrew was stunned for a short moment, but he quickly recovered.

Ashley never really liked to show too much skin. Her fashion sense was not bad; it was just a little boring. Andrew had never seen Ashley in a dress like that before and he was blown away.

It looked really good on her. He wanted to get a few more of these kinds of clothes for her. His thoughts were running wild, and he was having a hard time managing his bodily reaction to her.

But once more, his incredible self-control repressed it. He quickly recovered and acted like nothing happened. His brows furrowed.

Ashley noticed this, and she frowned too. She couldn't help but think that the dress was a bad idea.

"Andrew, what do you think of the dress? I think it looks really good on her. It shows the right amount of skin and leaves the rest for imagination. It fits her so well..." Jade complimented.

"I don't really like it. Try another one," interrupted Andrew. He shook his head, frowning. His forehead was wrinkled with worry ever since Ashley had walked out.

"Really? But it looks really good on her. Why don't you like it?" Jade asked, looking puzzled.

Andrew didn't answer. He stood up and pulled Ashley into the other room. He insisted on selecting a dress for her. After walking back and forth for a while, he handed her a dress and asked her to try it on.

Jade was waiting outside. When Ashley walked out, she just realized why Andrew was not satisfied with the first dress.

It was a light purple dress, which covered every inch of her. It had long sleeves and a hemline that reached her ankles. It was a little loose on her but covered her fully.

Compared to the red dress she had on earlier, this was a totally different style. The red dress brought out her assets. She would turn heads when she walked into a room full of people. However, the dress she had on just took all of that away.

One good thing was that Ashley had a long, beauti

ld have had the chance to be with him. Jade never expected Andrew to get married to some random girl.

She winced, "Do your parents know about this?"

Andrew shook his head.

"You are the CEO of the Lu Group! You represent the corporation. How could you just get married to a random girl without talking to your family about it?" she asked.

Andrew was not happy with what she was saying. He looked at Jade angrily and warned, "You just need to manage your business. I will take care of mine."

Jade realized she crossed the line the second she did it. Andrew respected her and treated her nicely. But he was a gentleman with power and money. She shouldn't poke her nose into his personal matters. Even if she wanted to, she didn't have the place to do so.

"Andrew, I'm just a little worried about you. I never hear you are seeing anyone. You suddenly told me you already got married. I'm just afraid you might get hurt. Nowadays, girls will do anything for money. I just think maybe you should run a background check on the girls you date. You are the backbone of the entire Lu Group after all," said Jade.

Andrew calmed down a bit.

But he looked distant. "She is different," he said softly.

Jade responded, "How can you be sure? Pretty girls like her are very good at using their beauty to get what they want from people like you..."

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