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   Chapter 145 Who Was Jade

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"She is not a kid. Why does she need somebody to keep her company?" Andrew's tone was as mild as before but Ashley detected a hint of acrimony in it.

However Jade didn't seem to notice anything, "How could you say that? Of course you have to spend time with Rosaline when you have the chance," she said with a smile.

Ashley found that Jade kept mentioning Rosaline in front of Andrew. The way she talked it sounded like Andrew and Rosaline were very close or even intimate. Ashley couldn't help feeling puzzled. Who was Rosaline?

She observed the woman in front of her. She looked like a warm, gentle person, who made people around her feel comfortable and at ease.

Her eyebrows were shaped beautifully like willow leaves while her eyes were almond-shaped. Her skin was creamy and firm and she wore a pale green long dress. Her hair was held up in a simple low bun.

She was elegant and graceful, and looked like she hailed from a distinguished family.

Andrew was getting impatient and was unable to hide it. He interrupted her, "Jade, I need something from you."

Jade immediately stopped saying what she still wanted to say.

"What is it?" she inquired.

Andrew brought Ashley up from behind him and said, "Ashley, this is Jade."

Ashley stared at her, not knowing who she was and why Andrew introduced her so formally, but she put on a broad smile and said, "Hi, Jade."

Maybe she imagined it but she thought she saw Jade's face stiffen for a fraction of a second and she suddenly seemed ill at ease all of a sudden.

Ashley blinked her eyes in puzzlement.

Her instinct told her that Andrew had something to do with it.

"Jade, this is my wife, Ashley."

Seeing Jade looking at Ashley that way, Andrew's tone turned a little harsher and he stressed on the word 'wife'.

"What?" Jade looked from Andrew to Ashley. She

ed impatiently, "What's taking so long? How can it take so much time to try one outfit? What are you doing?"

'Keep pushing and pushing. Where are you pushing me to? To hell?' Ashley muttered angrily to herself inside.

When she finally stepped out, Jade's eyes widened in surprise. Every piece of clothing here was her blood and sweat. She designed and made them, every single one, with all her heart. She didn't think that her dress would have such a gorgeous effect on Ashley.

Not many people could carry off this dress well. It was like the dress itself was picky in choosing its owner.

The red color required the wearer to have fair and clean skin. And many of the details like the cut and design required a certain body shape in order for it to look good.

After the initial looks of surprise and wonder, disgust and jealousy followed on Jade's face.

Ashley had been watching her and so she caught the change of expression from admiration to jealousy.

Why did she feel jealous? Jealous for her good physique?

"No time for dillydallying. What took you so long?" Jade looked ugly when she spoke to Ashley.

Ashley didn't say a word through all this. She knew if she talked back, more nasty words would follow.

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