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   Chapter 144 The Embarrassment

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Most of the time Ellie was very easy going, but sometimes, she could be very stubborn. This was one of those times.

She had a serious conversation with Ashley, because she was really worried about her best friend! Her words might be a little harsh, but she meant well. She was just angry with Ashley for not thinking about her future.

"It was my decision to not have the wedding," said Ashley.

Admitting this to Ellie made her feel really shitty. The bad person that Ellie had just spoken about was actually her.

Ellie stared at Ashley in disbelief.

She still couldn't believe what she just heard. "What did you say? Can you please repeat that for me?" Ellie asked in surprise.

Ashley opened her mouth lightly and said, "I said I was the one who didn't want to have the wedding."

"ASHLEY! Are you out of your mind? What's wrong with you, girl? Do you think this is some kind of video game that you can play with anytime you turn on your TV? This is your marriage! How could you behave in this way? What's wrong with you?"

Ellie was so upset with her, she delivered the entire monologue in one breath. The whole time she thought Andrew was the bad guy, but it turned out to be her best friend instead. She was ready to tell Andrew off for his terrible behavior towards Ashley. Never in her wildest dreams would she have thought that it was Ashley who didn't want the wedding.

The one redeeming factor was that Ellie hadn't confronted Andrew or she would have just died of embarrassment.

"Alright! Calm down, Ellie! I just think now is not a good time to have the wedding. I know he loves me! But it happened so fast! It was love at first sight for both of us, and quickly after that we just got married. I am an orphan. I don't have a family. Who cares? Am I right?

But the truth is that his parents don't even know me! I can't just let him send an invitation to his parents and say, 'Hey, Mom and Dad! Surprise! I am going to get married! Please just show up!' Anyway, I just want to give his parents some time to process this. I don't think that is such a bad idea or an irresponsible decision. And Andrew and I have talked about this! We are working on it. It will just take some time. We will figure it out soon," said Ashley.

An old saying came to her mind. "

held her hand and walked in.

The outside of the store didn't look special. But once Ashley walked in, it was like a completely new world.

There were rows upon rows of elegant, beautiful dresses. Just by looking at them, Ashley knew that the price was off the charts. She couldn't imagine affording even one of them.

Andrew didn't look too surprised. He just took Ashley to the back of the store.

A woman, who looked to be in her late 40s, was working on a dress on her sewing machine.

"Hey, Jade," greeted Andrew. She was too busy to see them approaching until he called out her name. His tone was unusually gentle.

"Andrew?" Jade looked up and saw Andrew. Her beautiful face lit up, and she smiled.

She put the fabric down and walked towards him. "I thought you totally forgot about this old woman! Come here and give me a hug," she gently reprimanded him.

Andrew hugged her and said, "I would never forget you, Jade, and you are not old at all! You always look like a 20-year-old girl to me!"

Ashley couldn't believe what she was seeing. She had never seen Andrew talking so sweetly to anybody. This was the first time she saw a gentler side of him.

"Oh, you sweet little thing," gushed the lady. Jade was really pleased with Andrew's sweet talk. No woman could stay angry with anyone who gave such a compliment. Not to mention Jade, who wasn't angry at all.

"Rosaline has been talking about you every day. You might want to spend some time with her whenever you have some time," said Jade.

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