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   Chapter 143 The Banquet

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 7925

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"Don't worry. Everything is ok." Andrew soothed Ashley in a low and gentle voice while holding her.

They arrived at the villa, and Josef parked the car outside. Andrew then carefully carried Ashley out of the vehicle.

Turning around, Josef happened to catch a glimpse of Ashley's lovely and adorable face.

However, before he got the chance to have a proper look, his view had been blocked by Andrew. When Josef looked up, he saw the angry cold glare from Andrew.

Josef froze with fear, "B...boss, I will leave now..."

Andrew then withdrew his eyes with satisfaction and carried Ashley into the villa.

When Claire noticed Andrew entering, she immediately came to greet them warmly. "Mr. Lu..."

She stopped mid-sentence when she saw the cold glance and frown on Andrew's face. He didn't want Ashley to be woken up, and he continued to carry her upstairs.

Once he reached the bedroom, he gently laid Ashley onto the bed. Andrew was about to go to the bathroom to have a shower when he noticed Ashley had clenched her fists. Then she reached out her hands, grabbed hold of his clothes tightly and

huddled beside him with a frown on her sweet face.

Andrew felt a pang of remorse when he saw her cowering in fear even in her sleep.

He didn't expect that she would be so afraid of seeing that film. Had he known that it would affect her so much, he would have chosen another movie for her to watch. He blamed himself for being so inconsiderate.

Perhaps it was out of fear that Ashley was particularly clingy tonight. But Andrew could not leave her alone.

Andrew could have removed her hands and gone about his own business. However, he felt responsible for her fear and didn't have the heart to leave her alone in that state.

The next morning when the sun shone brightly into the bedroom, Ashley slowly opened her eyes. The first thing that came into her view was a broad, tanned chest.

At first, she didn't realize that her head was resting on Andrew's chest, and she blinked in confusion.

Her long eyelashes were just like two small fans sweeping across Andrew's skin, which tickled him terribly.

In the morning, men are generally sexually impulsive... Andrew however, became stiff because of her unconscious acts.

Suddenly Ashley had become wide awake and quickly moved away from him. She pulled the sheet up to cover herself an

are you doing? Keep your voice down."

Ellie realized that she might have gone a little too far, but the thought of Andrew not holding a wedding for her beloved friend made her annoyed.

She always believed that Andrew was a reliable and generous man. However, now she had a different opinion of him. Ellie was surprised to find that Andrew could be so ungentlemanly and stingy.

A wedding ceremony was something most women regarded as an important and meaningful event in their lives. Ellie was irritated by his cavalier attitude towards this.

Ashley could tell that Ellie had misunderstood the whole thing by the vexed expression she had on her face. "Ellie, it's not what you think. Let me explain it to you."

"There's nothing to explain! Why do you have to be so stubborn and even cover for him? You, of course, know what a wedding ceremony means to women like you and me. How could you get married without one?

Is it because of what he said to you? Did he make any threats against you?"

Ellie's suggestions became even more outrageous as she went on. Ashley could only stare at her in shock.

She hadn't known Ellie to be such a chatterbox before.

Ashley stared at Ellie dumbfounded with a blank expression on her face.

She waited for Ellie to finish speaking. "Ellie, it's not what you think. You're blowing everything out of proportion. Listen to me, okay?"

Ellie tilted her head to the side and crossed her arms. Staring intently at Ashley, she said, "Fine, then you explain it to me, and it better be a good reason, or I will ask him myself!"

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