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   Chapter 142 Nightmare

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 6621

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Ashley completely lost her balance. 'What's happening! Why do my legs feel like jelly?

Is it because of the scary movie that I just watched? How could that be?'

Her mind wandered off as Ashley struggled to stop herself from falling but to no avail.

Luckily, Andrew swiftly reached out his arms and was able to cushion Ashley's fall.

Lena and Raymond were looking at them.

An obvious distaste flicked over Lena's face. She lost in thought, 'Look at her! How can they do that in a cinema? Ashley agreed to that?

Look, she's so weak! She's even in that man's arms like she can't even stand properly. Look, how weak she is now! Wow, what were they doing?'

Raymond looked melancholic as he watched Ashley. His stomach twisted and turned with all sorts of emotions but he didn't know how to let it all out.

Seeing Andrew wrap Ashley into the arms, he knew she wasn't his anymore. He forced himself from approaching forward.

"Are you okay?" Andrew asked. Andrew gazed at Ashley, concerned. His brows furrowed tightly together.

"I'll be fine. I just need some rest," Ashley said, her face reddening.

She felt so awkward. 'You're so stupid, Ashley! How could you get that scared of a movie? You couldn't even stand on your own!'

When they glimpsed the look on Ashley's face, Raymond and Lena were assured of what they assumed.

If Ashley ever found out about that, she would get mad at them.

Shame on them! What the hell was going on in their mind? Why couldn't they just focus on their work? Instead, they put their attention on those malicious things like that!

Luckily, Ashley didn't know what they were thinking.

"Ashley, are you okay?" Lena asked as if she was worried about Ashley. Her look shifted between Ashley and Andrew as if she was hesitating to say something.

At that moment, the movie had just finished and a crowd of people were suddenly coming out of the same movie house that Lena and Raymond had just been in.

Everyone wou

htly together and her body began shaking uncontrollably as if she was suffering from a nightmare.

"Ash, wake up, wake up..." Andrew scooped Ashley into his arms and whispered to her, trying to wake her up. His voice was so gentle.

Josef, who was driving, was a bit startled. He'd never seen this side of Andrew before. He thought to himself, 'This is the first time that I've seen Mr. Lu like this.

Oh, dear me! If he spoke to me in the way he spoke to Miss Mu, wow, I'd be...'

Josef immediately shook the thought away. He liked Andrew the way he knew him - aloof, decisive, stoic.

Andrew might have been acting differently today by being nice and gentle but he still preferred the regular Andrew who was strict and cold.

"Hmm..." Ashley slowly opened her eyes. She began cooling off as she felt Andrew's warmth.

She just had a nightmare. She was being chased by some scary figure.

She screamed for help but Andrew just ignored her as if he didn't hear her.

But the real Andrew was here - she reached out to wrap her arms around him, feeling safe.

"Did you have a nightmare?" Andrew asked in a low voice as he wrapped her in his arms, trying to comfort her by rubbing her back.

Ashley nodded, holding Andrew tightly.

Andrew liked the feeling that Ashley trusted him and relied on him.

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