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   Chapter 141 The Destiny

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 6630

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This was Andrew's first time in a movie theater. He didn't really know much about it. But he was confident that he could handle any situation.

Ashley forgot her fears when she saw that Andrew was about to buy more snacks. She stopped him and said. "Hey Andrew! That's enough! We already have two buckets of popcorn. No need to buy other snacks. Let's go! The movie is about to start!"

Ashley said, pulling on Andrew's sleeve.

Andrew walked into the theater with Ashley, a bucket of popcorn each in their hands.

Their seats were at the back. Andrew thought that they weren't great, but they weren't bad either. What made Andrew happy was that the room had just enough people to make it a decent show, but not exactly a crowd. And that was enough.

The movie hadn't started yet. Ashley looked around to look at the people while the lights were on. She saw that most people came here as couples, and she concluded that maybe girls needed company while watching this movie.

Every couple were almost glued to each other. Ashley wrinkled her nose. 'Why not take just one seat?' she thought sneeringly. Nothing interested Ashley anymore, so she focused on eating her popcorn.

If she was honest to herself, she really didn't see the fun in watching a horror movie and didn't understand why so many people liked it. But for her, it was scary.

And that fear had been with her since she had been a child.

She decided to bury her head in the bucket and focus on the popcorn during the movie. There was plenty of popcorn for her to enjoy. So much that the movie would be over by the time she finished it all.

But reality butted in again and ruined Ashley's plan.

The lights went off and the movie started. Ashley shook in fear, goosebumps erupting all over as the sound effects echoed through the hall.

After a short pause, Ashley resumed eating her popcorn. She stared into the bucket of popcorn and kept telling herself that all was well and that she should focus o

yed just by seeing Lena's face.

Ashley really didn't want to deal with Lena right now. She stopped struggling, buried her head again in Andrew's chest and said, "Let's just go."

Andrew obviously didn't want to see them either. Without a word, he turned and walked off in the opposite direction.

Lena was now sure that it was Ashley.

Lena ran up to Andrew and forced him to stop. "Ashley? It's so nice to see you! Are you here for the movie too?" Lena asked rather brightly.

Her mind became numb for a second as she saw Andrew's face. On one hand, Lena had to admit that Andrew was really handsome and had an amazing physique.

Andrew, on the other hand, was not happy that someone had blocked his way. He looked at the intruder with cold black eyes. Not used to such cold reception, Lena shifted on her feet nervously.

Ashley had known that Lena would do such a thing. Every time she saw her in public, Lena would come up to Ashley and 'shower' her with love.

Ashley raised her head and looked at Lena, her face betraying no emotion. She tapped on Andrew's shoulder and whispered, "Please put me down."

Andrew pursed his lips but put her down anyway.

Ashley's feet had numbed and she hadn't realized it, which was why the moment she stepped onto the ground, she stumbled and teetered sideways.

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