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   Chapter 140 A Date At Movie Theater

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While Ashley was trying on the clothes, Andrew started picking up more clothes for her. He did that without even checking the price tag in any of them. After doing so, he asked the shop assistant to pack everything up.

Then, Andrew walked to the check-out counter and said, "I'm ready to check out. Please include the one she's trying on."

"Yes, Sir! Your total is nine hundred and eighty four thousand dollars..." said the clerk.

Nonchalantly, Andrew gave the clerk his black card. After the woman swiped it and the transaction cleared, she put the numerous bags on the couch right next to Andrew.

Andrew couldn't help but look at his watch while he waited impatiently for Ashley. Soon enough, he started frowning as he kept glancing at the dressing room.

Fortunately, Ashley walked out as Andrew was about to run out of patience.

The long classic A-line navy dress was perfect on her. The dress exaggerated her small waist and emphasized her bosom. It also showed her beautiful collarbone and long neck, and they were stunning.

Her long hair was let down, and it complemented the look very well. She didn't really comb so her hair looked a little unkempt but it didn't get in the way of how beautiful she was.

There was no denying that Ashley was a naturally stunning girl. Her eyes were as fierce and inviting as a cat's, and they took her beauty to a whole new level.

Also, her eyelashes were long and naturally curved upwards. She also had a high-bridged nose and tiny mouth.

Ashley's skin was white, but its undertone was pink, and it made her look very healthy. Well, she actually was very healthy. The whole thing just came together and made Ashley look like a living goddess.

Andrew was stunned for a fleeting moment when he saw Ashley in that dress, but he quickly recovered from it.

"Miss, mirror is here!" The assistant happily said to Ashley, also seemingly enchanted by how good she looked. She led Ashley to the mirror and continued, "See, I told you! This dress would look perfect on you! The size is just so perfect. It really fits you like a glove! It looks like this dress was tailor-made for you!" she exclaimed, her happiness overflowing. "By the way," she continued. "I forgot to tell you about this earlier. This is the only one we have." The assistant didn't lie. She was really amazed by Ashley's radiant looks. That dress really looked like it was something they actually made just for her.

With everything the assistant said, Ashley carefully approached the mirror to take a look at herself. The moment she did, her jaw dropped. What she was seeing was someone so beautiful that she didn't think it was her at first. Gradually she realized that it was really


He grabbed the tickets, turned to Ashley and said, "We already got here, and I already bought the tickets. Let's go see a movie before we head back home."

Andrew didn't forget to wave the tickets in front of Ashley's eyes, as if it was going to change Ashley's mind. On the ticket was an image of a ghostly girl, her eyes all black, reaching out.

At a glance, Ashley almost scared herself to death. She used all her strength to hold on to Andrew to keep her scream in.

"An-Andrew, can we please go home? I really don't want to see this movie!" she said in a wobbly voice.

The image on the tickets already scared her. Ashley couldn't imagine how terrifying the movie would be.

Andrew raised his left brow again. Most of the time, he didn't show much emotion. But somehow a trace of happiness quickly flashed on his face. Ashley was totally falling in his trap.

He held her in his arms, patted her on the back, comforting her, and said, "It will be alright. I am here!"

Ashley got the hint that Andrew was not going to leave the place. Unfortunately, she was afraid to go anywhere by herself right now. Because of that, she had no option but to go with him.

Ashley would never tell Andrew she was afraid of ghosts, so she tried her best to calm herself down and said, "How could we not have popcorn while we watch the movie? I will go and get some for us!" Andrew was right next to Ashley, so even though she did try her best to seem okay, Andrew saw her right through her cover. Her body was shaking and her voice was also trembling.

"Sounds good! Let me go with you!" Andrew seized Ashley round the waist and bought two buckets of popcorn.

One thing Andrew knew for sure was that more was better. Since Ashley said she wanted popcorn, buying more popcorn would never go wrong.

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