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   Chapter 139 Shopping For Clothes

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This was the first time that Ashley had called Andrew "my husband", and it started a surge of desire for her inside him. As the drama unfolded in front of him, he suddenly had an urge to put his arms around Ashley and give her a hearty, tight embrace while having a nice, long snog with her.

"I couldn't agree more. I also think that woman is kind of bitchy. Did you see that she just so affectionately leaned towards my boyfriend when she served our special?"

"The same thing happened to me just now! I thought that she didn't do that on purpose! Who would have known she is such a bitch!"

Taking a glance at that waitress's face, everyone at the restaurant, especially the women, began to discuss her immediately, almost simultaneously.

And suddenly everyone turned hostile against her, showing obvious dislike for her on their faces.

Staring at Andrew who was just sitting across Ashley so peacefully as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening, the waitress became uncharacteristically flushed and visibly annoyed. For the life of her, she couldn't understand how the man could remain so totally unaffected by her glamour or the discussions going on about her.

But despite the irritation she was feeling towards Andrew, she couldn't help but fall deeper and deeper for his handsome face and charismatic aura.

However, Ashley being right in front of her, blocking her total view of Andrew was ruining things.

Eventually getting quite annoyed, the woman pouted and left. Before she fully could, however, she shot Ashley the nastiest glare she could.

That did nothing to Ashley except making her look more protective of Andrew. Only when the waitress had fully gone did Ashley start to move back to her seat. For a few minutes, she sat in silence.

She was deciding whether the behavior she exhibited just then was a little over-reactive or not.

Stealthily, she took a peek at Andrew, and she found that he was still expressionless, visibly not influenced at all by the drama that was started by her. This irritated Ashley as she imagined that Andrew would just allow that woman to fall on him had she not intervened earlier.

This thought caused great discomfort to her. Suddenly, she felt like she shouldn't have stopped the waitress from flirting with him. Perhaps by doing what she did earlier, she had destroyed an opportunity for him to finally have a fling with such a beauty.

With a deep breath, she fixed her eyes on the table.

'Oh, how ironic is it that we got the Lovers Set.' she thought to herself, sil

l my expenses, ' she silently thought, gulping a huge amount of saliva.

While she knew Andrew was rich, she really didn't think it was necessary for him to just waste his money on a dress like what he was giving her then.

"Andrew, I still have good clothes at home. Why are we buying stuff here? Let's just go home, please." Ashley hurriedly put the dress back and went to take Andrew's hand to drag him out of the boutique and force him to go home. However, she got pulled back instead.

"Ashley, try it on," Andrew said, trying to persuade her in a charmingly low voice. His gaze was also very sweet.

Ashley did not know what to say in response.

"Yeah, Miss. Just try this one. This dress looks like it was designed especially for you." The shop assistant said, her smile bright. She brought the dress to Ashley and started leading her towards the fitting room.

Although she did not know who Andrew was, her years of work experience told her that he must have either wealth or prominence to afford the luxuries being sold in their store.

She was also deeply impressed by Andrew's handsome looks. Never in her life had she seen someone more handsome than him.

"Thanks, but I guess I won't be needing these types of dresses for the time being." Ashley smiled at the shop assistant and then went to take Andrew out of the boutique. However, her strength was too weak compared with Andrew's to do that.

Ashley could not understand why Andrew suddenly brought her here to buy clothes.

"Miss, just try this on first before you make a decision. I'm sure that this dress would fit you wonderfully. If you aren't satisfied with it after trying it on, you can try the others, too."

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