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   Chapter 138 My Husband

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Ashley quietly tugged on Andrew's sleeve as they walked behind the waiter.

Andrew turned around to look at the girl behind him. With an expressionless face, he asked, "What's wrong, Ashley?"

"Look, Andrew," Ashley started, her eyes cast downwards as if she was avoiding Andrew's gaze. "I'm not familiar with this restaurant. It's my first time here, believe me. I really didn't know it is a restaurant for lovers. I hope you don't take all of this the wrong way." Ashley explained, her voice low and shining with embarrassment.

However, instead of appeasing him, Ashley's explanation just made Andrew become angrier.

With a deep breath, Andrew turned away. The way Andrew acted puzzled Ashley a little bit. 'Why is he so angry?' she asked herself in silence, furrowing her brows. 'I don't think I said anything wrong.'

After a few moments, the waiter led them to the only place vacant in the whole restaurant.

The table was by an open window. As a cool breeze blew in, Andrew and Ashley felt relieved, and soon enough, they began to feel very comfortable.

"Sir, Ma'am, here is our menu. Please take a look at it first," suggested a waitress, who was about thirty to forty years old. When she saw Andrew, a glimmer of surprise flashed in her eyes.

She had been married and had been living a happy life with her husband and their children. Therefore, when she saw Andrew's handsome face, she didn't exclaim with excitement like the girls who were still in their twenties. Her reaction was purely based on the fact that Andrew was a good-looking man.

With a smile, Ashley took the menu from the waitress and started to go through it. There were different kinds of dishes on the menu and they looked delicate and delicious. The more Ashley looked at the food on the menu, the more she wanted to taste everything the restaurant had to offer.

After a short while, Ashley finally stopped on one page. Looking at the dishes on that page, her eyes started sparkling. Every food there looked divine.

"Ma'am, our best seller is this Lovers Set. Why don't you try it? We have a special offer today. If you are a couple, you can have it at half price. Also, you would have free snack fruits and drinks!" the waitress said excitedly. It seemed that she sensed that it was the first time that Ashley would be eating at their restaurant, so she stood in front of Ashley and explained everything patiently.

Hearing the waitress mention the word lover, Ashley started blushing a

over?' Ashley thought.

When the waitress was about to touch Andrew, he furrowed his eyebrows and was ready to kick her away. But he stopped when he saw Ashley's angry face out of the corner of his eyes.

Obviously, what Ashley did next made Andrew very happy. Just as the woman was about to touch Andrew, Ashley suddenly stood up, moved next to him and pulled the waitress off of him. Then she glanced at the waitress and said, in threatening voice, "Why are you getting that close to my husband? What are you doing?"

Ashley's voice wasn't that loud, but since the restaurant was designed with the tables being close to each other, the customers who were sitting next to them heard everything that Ashley said. Simultaneously, they started turning their heads to look at them.

The waitress felt so stunned that she just stood in her place, stiff and unbreathing. Judging from the expression on the waitress' face, everyone believed that Ashley was telling the truth.

All the customers were couples. The women hated girls who liked to seduce someone else's husband. All of a sudden, the way they looked at the waitress was not as friendly as before.

"I, I didn't get close to your husband. When the hell did you see that?" Being stared at by so many people, the waitress retorted with a pout.

"I saw it with my own eyes. I advise you to stay away from that guy. He's married," Ashley looked at her, with her serious face. "To me!"

The chaos that was ensuing didn't bother Andrew one bit. He was busy seeing Ashley become protective of him, and he couldn't help but feel happy. Also, it was the first time she addressed him as her husband.

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