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   Chapter 137 Is It A Date

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'Did she... Did she just hit my boss?' thought Josef.

He was dumbstruck for a moment. This clearly stunned Andrew too. He just sat there, rooted to the spot, staring unblinkingly at Ashley.

As for Ashley, she remained perfectly still, but in her mind, her thoughts were running wild. She regretted it the second she hit Andrew. 'Oh my god! What did I do? Why did I do this? Did I hurt him? It sounded bad. Ouch! My hand hurts. Yup! It definitely hurts. I used all of my strength to slap him. God! Why did I do this?'

Ashley was panicking. She couldn't figure out what to do next.

Her hand was already swelling up. Her beautiful, white fingers turned red.

'Calm down, Ashley. He asked for this. You just tried to protect yourself!' Ashley was trying to calm herself down.

'He brought this all on himself. No man would poke a girl's face like that! I was just trying to protect myself. If you really want to poke a face, poke yours!'

Although loud, the slap didn't hurt Andrew much. It really was not a big deal in comparison to what he had suffered in the past.

Andrew recovered from the shock and saw Ashley staring at him in embarrassment. He wasn't upset at all. Her cheeks were puffed out in anger. The only thing on Andrew's mind right now was how cute she looked. He just wanted to poke those cheeks.

But he didn't. He knew his limits. If he crossed the line, she would just slap him again.

"My apologies. I didn't mean to offend you but I just couldn't help it," said Andrew. He looked at Ashley earnestly.

Ashley had mentally prepared a whole bunch of excuses for her actions, but Andrew didn't give her a chance to say a word. She gulped uneasily.

Andrew had apologized in all sincerity, so she decided to let it go.

"Alright, just this once!" she said.

Andrew didn't respond. He loved teasing her. How could he promise it would be the last time?

Ashley took his silence as agreement. She didn't say another word either.

Josef who was driving couldn't believe what he

eady here, let's just take it easy," said Andrew politely rejecting her suggestion. He glanced at Ashley

Just then a waiter arrived. "I am sorry, Miss and Sir, to keep you waiting here. We are really busy right now. Please forgive us!"

Ashley smiled and replied, "No worries, we are fine. Do you have a table right now?" Andrew hadn't agreed to change the place, but the waiter's apology just gave Ashley an idea.

This place was crowded. If there was no table and she complained that she was really hungry, Andrew would have to take her somewhere else. Ashley was so proud of herself for coming up with such a brilliant idea. She just couldn't hide her smile.

She quickly looked around to double check that the place was indeed packed.

Andrew figured out her sneaky little plan. He, too, smiled and looked at Ashley without saying a word.

Observing his smug expression, Ashley wondered if he had seen through her little trick.

God seemed to like to play with Ashley. Her plan didn't work.

The waiter responded with a smile, "Usually we wouldn't have a table at this hour without a reservation, but today is your lucky day! We just have one table. Come with me, I will take you to your table."

Ashley's smile froze on her lips. She could feel her heart sink.

'What the hell?' That was the only thing on Ashley's mind.

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