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   Chapter 136 A Slap In Andrew's Face

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 5502

Updated: 2019-08-01 01:12

Ashley was right where he had expected her to be.

"I've called you so many times! Why didn't you answer the phone?" Andrew said with some feeling. It was obvious that Andrew cared about it a lot.

Andrew hadn't found Ashley and then called her, but she hadn't answered the phone. And at last, her phone had also died.

"What? I didn't ignore the call," Ashley said, picking up her cellphone and pressing it. It didn't light up.

Ashley smiled sheepishly at him. "I think it's out of power."

"Ashley, why are you whispering? Is anybody there?" Ellie asked, confused. The door was in a corner and Ashley was hiding Andrew on purpose. Ellie knew now that there was someone in front of Ashley, but didn't know who.

"Nobody," Ashley instinctively said. She didn't want Ellie to know that Andrew had come looking for her. She gestured for him to leave and even prepared to push him out of the house. Andrew seemed not to notice Ashley's signal and squeezed in.

Andrew walked in, and as he saw Ellie, he said calmly, "I've come to take her home."

Ellie thought that Andrew had a steely glint in his eyes as he looked at her. She didn't know if it was actually that, or she was imagining it. She couldn't describe in detail how weird it was.

It would be wrong if she said that Andrew didn't like her. And it didn't mean anything bad. As she looked at Ashley, Ellie suddenly figured out what Andrew's expression meant.

Ellie was startled. Oh, God, no. She was a girl and Ashley's best friend. Would Andrew really be jealous of her?

But it was obvious that Andrew truly loved Ashley.

Ellie was not surprised that Andrew had co

ew wasn't doing anything, she ignored him.

The thought flashed in her mind but before she could think any further, she discarded it.

Andrew pulled Ashley into his arms. Looking at her angry, blushing face, he couldn't help but caress her.

"Are you mad?"

Her cheek was soft.

Andrew wanted to apologize to his beautiful wife, but her cheek made him want to caress it over and over again.

And it felt nice.

He kept doing it but he knew that

he would feel better if he kissed her.

Lost in gazing at her gorgeous face, Andrew forgot that he was supposed to be apologizing.

Ashley stared at Andrew in disbelief. When Andrew stretched his finger again to poke her cheek, Ashley slapped him on the face. The sound was loud and clear.

Josef, who was driving the car, almost lost his balance as his hand slid off the wheel. But he had learnt his lesson and also how to behave. His hand trembled for a while, but he came to his senses soon enough.

Andrew was stunned.

Josef looked furtively at Ashley, not knowing whether to clap for her courage or feel sorry for her.

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