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   Chapter 135 Take You Home

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 7181

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After staying in the bakery for a few hours, Ashley and Ellie went to the hospital to see Brown.

Brown looked much better now. Maybe it was because the medicines and medical equipment in J City were much better than those in L City.

Seeing that Ashley and Ellie had come together to see him, Brown beamed with evident happiness.

To Ashley, Brown and Laura were like her own grandparents. So it was obvious that she always hoped and prayed for their good health.

Laura was looking after Brown in the hospital. After Ashley and Ellie had chatted with them for a while, the old couple asked them to leave. Brown and Laura were afraid that the two girls would delay their work if they spent a lot of time with them in the hospital.

Ashley and Ellie had no choice but to do as they asked.

The two girls then went to their bakery. After work, they went back together to the house where Ashley had lived with Ellie before her marriage.

Ellie asked, "Aren't you going back?"

Shaking her head, Ashley said, "I don't want to go back just now. We haven't seen each other in so long. Don't you miss me?" She gave Ellie a mean look.

The truth, however, was that Ashley was embarrassed to face Andrew.

Ashley now felt differently whenever she saw Andrew.

They were getting closer, and looked more and more like a loving couple with every passing day.

This made Ashley feel awkward for no reason. She felt that she might have a real crush on Andrew now.

Ellie took the ingredients for the meal out of the refrigerator and prepared to cook. Seeing that Ashley was staring off into the distance, Ellie imagined that this must have something to do with Andrew, especially after Ashley's strange behavior today.

Ellie actually didn't have a bad impression of Andrew. On the contrary, she was grateful to him for helping her with her grandparents.

"What do you think of him?" Ellie asked.

Ashley didn't need to be told who Ellie was referring to, and she didn't find the need to hide anything from her. Looking up at Ellie, she replied, "I think he is very good. He cares about me a lot.

He is always considerate to me in e

king the door. She didn't hear her say anything, either. Thinking that Ashley was in trouble, she went over to where she could see Ashley. "What's wrong?" Ellie called out.

"It's nothing," Ashley replied. She stood in front of Andrew, blocking Ellie's view. So Ellie couldn't see who was at the door.

Looking at Andrew, Ashley whispered, "Why are you here?"

Ashley hadn't said goodbye to Andrew when she had got off his car that morning. And then she had come here without telling him about it. So she didn't know how he had found her here.

Ashley was standing there, looking at him awkwardly as if she'd been caught doing something she shouldn't have been doing.

Andrew was frowning, disappointment etched on his face, his bright eyes shining against his gloomy face. "I came to take you home," he said.

"No, thank you. I'll go back by myself tomorrow. Ellie is back, and we haven't seen each other in a long time. So I want to stay here with her..." As Andrew's face became gloomier, her voice trailed off.

Andrew felt depressed and angry at that moment. If he had known that Ashley would come here without telling him, he wouldn't have asked Ellie to meet her.

After work, he had gone to Ashley's bakery to wait for her, but she hadn't come out. She was also not answering his calls. She wasn't home either. Andrew remembered the house that she had lived in before her marriage, and decided to go there.

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