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   Chapter 134 Embarrassing

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Ashley's face turned red. She pushed Andrew's hand away and asked crossly, "How can I know what you want to do?"

She couldn't admit to him that she had evil thoughts swirling about in her head.

Andrew's words and actions had misled her.

"Really?" Andrew laughed in a low voice. He didn't say anything, but Ashley's face turned redder.

"Of course. Or what?" Ashley didn't admit defeat and countered him instead.

"I have recovered. I will go to work tomorrow," she stated firmly.

"Didn't you just say that you have wounds on your body?'' Andrew looked at the fully-recovered wound on her thigh, which had no scars left.

Ashley covered her legs with the quilt and replied, "I did, but now they are healed."

She had to inform him before going out because of what had happened in the past.

The day after she was injured, Ashley thought that since he was at work, Andrew wouldn't know if she went out.

However, just before she walked out, he had called to check on her. He warned her not to go out because of her wound.

But Ashley didn't listen to him. She mulled over her decision and eventually went out.

However, Andrew caught her on the way and took her back home.

She thought he had sent someone to spy on her again, but he proved it to her that he didn't do that. She had to go back home. Before this incident, she could walk around in the villa, but from then on, she was only allowed to stay in the bedroom.

Looking into Ashley's bright eyes, Andrew's heart melted and he relented. "Permitted."

"Great!" Ashley was thrilled that she got the approval.

"Alright. Go to sleep."


Lately, they had started sleeping to

essionless boss.

"I am fine." Ashley got out of Andrew's arms and then sat on the other side, with an empty seat in the middle.

She looked calm but in fact she wasn't. Her heart was beating fast and almost jumped out of her chest. Her face was burning up.

She didn't dare look at Andrew. The driver was in the front; why was he talking so boldly?

The car happened to stop on the street near the cake shop. Ashley hurried to get down the car without telling Andrew.

Looking at her fleeing, Andrew asked himself, 'Is it too soon?' But he couldn't wait any longer.

Ashley was blushing when she quickly walked into the shop, almost bumping into the person coming out.

She stopped immediately and shouted, "Ellie?"

Ellie answered, "Hmm, why are you in such a hurry?" She glanced at Ashley perplexed.

"Nothing. I am afraid that I will be late..." Ashley's voice became lower. Only she could find such a lame excuse.

Ellie didn't pursue it further but instead asked an unrelated question, "Did he drive you here?"

"Ah?" Ashley stared at Ellie confusedly and then understood. She nodded.

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