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   Chapter 133 Love At First Sight

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 6082

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"He is that man. I told you that I had sex with him once. I thought we would never have any relationship, but we somehow met each other again.

It was a love at first sight kind of thing. And then I wanted to get married. By then, we were naturally in a relationship," Ashley said under pressure.

She didn't want Ellie to know what the Mu family had done to her. It was not that she didn't want to tell Ellie. She just thought it was better not to let Ellie know about such things.

Everything was anyway in the past. If Ellie knew all that, she would do nothing but worry about Ashley.

"Really?" Ellie looked at Ashley in doubt.

Ashley was calm and collected, not awkward at having told the lie, because they had lived together for a long time and had known each other long enough.

"Of course it is true. When I broke up with Raymond, I pretended to be calm, but it still affected me. After all, we had been together for three years," Ashley said, lowering her voice.

Ashley looked away before Ellie could see the expression on her face. But whatever she had said, Ellie believed her.

Ellie grasped Ashley's hand in both of hers and said, "Alright. I know. It is OK if he treats you well. And I was worried if you had been tricked, but now, it looks like you are a perfect match."

Ashley was relieved that Ellie believed her. She was afraid that Ellie would ask more questions.

"By the way, Ashley, I need to tell you something."

Ashley raised her head and stared at Ellie, "What's wrong?"

Ellie told Ashley that Andrew brought Brown and Laura to J City and found a good hospital for Brown to stay in.

Ashley looked at Ellie in surprise. Why hadn't Andrew mentioned that to her?

"That's great! It will be convenient for us to take care of Grandpa and Grandma here," Ashley said joy

andpa to J City and found a hospital for him," Ashley said to Andrew, her countenance serious.

Andrew had never seen Ashley be so serious. He couldn't help but tease her.

"What are you going to do to thank me?" Andrew said softly, moving closer to her and his warm breath on her neck making her squirm. Ashley moved restlessly.

She was dumbstruck at Andrew's question.

Why was this situation so different from what she had imagined?

Andrew was supposed to have said, "You are welcome. It's no big deal." Why wasn't it like that?

Looking at his handsome face from up close, Ashley was rendered speechless yet again. She blinked as she tried to focus on him. "What do you want me to do to thank you?"

"Why not-" he began, but before Ashley could react, Andrew got on top of her and pressed against her.

Ashley closed her eyes abruptly and shouted, "What are you doing? I am still a patient. I have wounds on my body!"

Seeing Ashley blinking in fear, Andrew laughed and let her go. "What's on your mind? I just found something behind you."

Ashley opened her eyes cautiously and saw Andrew holding something. He stared at her with a faint smile. "What did you think I was going to do?"

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