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   Chapter 132 Making An Explanation

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"I just wanted to bring you something to eat," Ashley said hesitantly. Feeling awkward, she suddenly didn't know what to say to Andrew.

Looking at the small plate on the desk, Andrew frowned. There was a delicate dessert and a glass of milk on it.

Both of these were his least favorite foods. He hated the sweetness of desserts and the taste of milk, so he drank coffee all the time.

Ashley stood before him, looking embarrassed. He looked up at her and said in a low voice, "You don't have to do this. You just need to have a good rest now."

Ashley nodded, feeling more puzzled than ever.

At the S Hospital

Ellie emerged from the ward and was amazed at the tall figure standing in front of her.

It was Andrew, the one she had met once in L City.

Ellie hadn't expected him to come here to see her.

"You must have something to tell me, right?" Ellie asked.

Andrew nodded.

They found a relatively quiet place in which to have a conversation.

"Thank you for helping me. I will return the money to you later," Ellie promised earnestly.

It was mostly due to Andrew's aid that Brown and Laura were able to come to J City. Moreover, it was Andrew who had arranged to get Brown admitted in this hospital. So, although Ellie had a bad impression of the man because he had secretly married Ashley, she knew that he clearly had done nothing wrong.

"Don't mention it." Andrew said with a gentle expression, "Since you're Ashley's friend, you're mine too."

Obviously, he had known everything before he came here.

Ellie was a bit stunned to see Andrew behave differently when he spoke about Ashley. She had only seen Andrew twice.

When Andrew had come to her home, Ellie was impressed by his air of nobility.

At that time, his image in her mind was that of a cold-hearted man who was indifferent to emotion. So when she found out that Ashley had married him, she was worried about her. She believed that her friend had been force

o see her once while she was recovering. Ashley was obviously very surprised by her visit.

"Ellie? What brings you here?" Ashley asked curiously. She held her hand and they sat together on the sofa.

Andrew had gone to work and Claire had gone to the market to buy vegetables. Ashley and Ellie were alone in the villa.

Ellie looked at her best friend with a mix of emotions clouding her face.

Ashley was confused. She wondered why Ellie was looking at her like that.

Ellie asked, "How's your leg?"

"It's almost healed," Ashley replied.

"Ellie, I really didn't mean to hide my marriage from you. I was going to tell you about it when you told me you had to go back home because of some emergency. Then you left for L City. So I didn't have the chance to tell you until now."

Ellie nodded and then asked, "Can you tell me about your marriage now?"

Ellie was angry because Ashley didn't tell her such an important thing. If Andrew hadn't come to L City to see her, she wouldn't know how long Ashley would have hidden it from her.

So, the first thing Ellie wanted to know was when the wedding took place and how they had developed a romantic relationship.

Ellie stared at her expectantly, making Ashley a little nervous. After organizing her thoughts, Ashley began her explanation.

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