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   Chapter 131 Caring About Andrew

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Rage was radiating off of Ellie as she shrugged Francis's hand off her shoulder.

She was kicking herself for thinking that this man was shy, pretty, and sensible. She had guessed wrong. This guy was not good. Not at all.

But Francis grasped Ellie's hand so that she couldn't get away from him.

Ellie thought this guy was a playboy.

Ellie glared at Francis and asked, "What the hell are you trying to do?"

Francis replied, "I just want to give you a ride." He blinked charmingly at Ellie as he spoke.

His eyes were full of tenderness and affection. And right now, they looked like a couple who were passionately in love. It looked like the girl was angry, and her boyfriend was trying his best to make her happy.

Ellie was speechless.

Ellie managed to stop several other cabs, but Francis shooed every single one off.

And Ellie could do nothing to him. She had seen how shameless this guy was.

After being exposed to the sun and annoyed by Francis for such a long time, Ellie finally got into his car.

Like a gentleman, Francis opened the door for Ellie and walked to the other side to get in the car once Ellie was seated.

In the car, Ellie told him the address and then didn't speak.

On the other hand, Francis was way too excited, and kept chattering all the way, throwing questions at her.

"Beauty, what's your name?"

"Can I have your phone number?"


Ellie didn't answer Francis. Her impatience resulted in her taking her earplugs out of her bag and putting them in her ears.

However, Francis was itching to find out more about her instead of becoming frustrated.

In the past, when any woman saw him, he didn't need to do anything but stand there and wink, and the woman would be happy to come talk to him.

Now that he had met a girl who was hell bent on ignoring him, he thought it was an interesting challenge for him.

He didn't get any answ

e was with her.

Andrew appeared indifferent, as if nobody was allowed to get close to him right now. And he spoke a foreign language Ashley didn't know.

Ashley felt like she was transported somewhere else as she saw such an unfamiliar side of Andrew, and she couldn't come back to Earth.

She only came back to her senses when Andrew fixed his eyes on her. She walked up to him, her heart beating fast.

'This might be Andrew's true face, ' Ashley thought.

Andrew frowned slightly as he saw Ashley in the study. He said something in that unknown language on the phone and then hung up.

"What brings you here?" he asked reproachfully, but as he saw Ashley walking with difficulty, he shot off his chair and came up to hold her.

Ashley put what she had brought with her on the desk but couldn't answer his question.

Watching him being so nice to her, she felt a little guilty. So she had planned to do something for him.

Ashley didn't know why she suddenly got nervous under his gaze. She became restless. Was he mad because she had entered his study room without permission?

She had knocked, but she didn't think he had heard.

Most people didn't allow others to randomly enter their study rooms. So it was reasonable of Ashley to think like that.

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