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   Chapter 129 Poor Francis

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The driver looked at Ashley in astonishment. He had been driving for Andrew for many years now. The boss always wore a straight face and had never been so lively.

But what surprised the driver most was Ashley. The boss was a neat freak and all of them knew that he had never allowed anybody else except Johnny into this car, let alone a woman.

When Ashley stopped laughing, Andrew became serious again and spoke to the driver, "Go back to Golden Palace!"

In the S Hospital

After coming back from Andrew's office, Francis stayed at his office and didn't go out as usual.

A knock sounded at the door.

"Come in," Francis said in barely concealed annoyance.

"Mr. Nan." A middle-aged man, about forty to fifty years of age, walked in. He was the director of the hospital.

"What's the matter?" Francis asked.

The director was wearing an expression that was a mix of surprise and joy on his face. "Mr. Nan, Mr. Lu has suddenly transferred a huge amount of money to us just now."

"I see," Francis said indifferently. With what the director sunk in, Francis raised a startled eyebrow and asked, "What? He has transferred a lot of money?" Francis sprang up from his chair.

The director nodded and said, "Yes, he has just sent in the money. But he has sent a patient here and has told us to use the best medicine and doctor to make sure to cure the patient."

"You deal with it. You don't need to tell me all this," Francis waved his hand and said.

"You can go now," he said to the Director.

Francis had started this hospital when he had had nothing to do and now, it had become famous across J City. But nobody except a few of Francis's friends knew that Francis owned this hospital.

The money had arrived. Francis should continue to do what he wanted to. He had forgotten that


Nobody was supposed to come here. Ellie frowned and asked, "Who are you?"

Since Francis could come to the hospital as he liked, he didn't usually wear the doctor's uniform or his eye-catching pink suit. He was dressed in casual clothes.

He wore a white T-shirt and a pair of black trousers. He looked young.

Francis lowered his head and thought about how to explain his breaking in. Unexpectedly, he heard an agreeable female voice.

Francis wanted to raise his head but a thought suddenly crossed his mind. He believed he shouldn't look up. All female voices were deceptive. He had just been deceived by that woman he was running away from.

If he went outside, she might catch him. So he wanted to hide here and wait until that woman went away.

"Can I stay here for a while? Some people are chasing me. I will leave once I know they're gone," he pleaded. He was worried that Ellie wouldn't allow him to stay here.

Ellie frowned and looked at this man. Francis was dressed like a teenager, so Ellie thought he was quite young and looked uneasy.

Ellie nodded and replied, "Whatever."

Francis still hadn't raised his head. He was afraid that an ugly face would greet him again.

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