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   Chapter 127 Furious Francis

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"It was just an incident. I didn't expect this place to be this big. I planned to walk around, but got lost. And then I met that woman," Ashley retorted with a pout.

Since she often got hurt these days, she was really convinced that she had a case of bad luck.

"How about I change my clothes first?" Ashley asked, looking down at the coffee stains on the hem of her dress.

"Don't move," Andrew said imperiously.

Ashley opened her mouth to say something to break the intensity of the situation, but at the stern look on Andrew's face, she changed her mind and decided to shut up.

"Bang!" Someone had kicked the office door pretty hard. Moments later, Francis's furious voice resounded. "You'd better have something serious to talk to me about or I will teach you a lesson!"

He was still upset with Andrew for having had him thrown out earlier. After he was kicked out of the Lu Group, he had hung out with a hot girl to ease his bad mood. While Francis and the girl were having a good time, Andrew called him for business, and now he was here.

Francis sounded furious. 'No one can stop me. I must even the score, ' he swore to himself.

"Johnny, let me in. I want to know why I am wanted here!" Francis said to Johnny rather aggressively.

Johnny was lost for words. He smiled wryly. 'Mr. Nan, are you kidding me? I'm not stopping you. And why are you grabbing my hand?' Johnny thought, amused but helpless.

Francis had challenged Andrew, but his actions betrayed his cowardice.

He held on to the handle of the door and he hid behind Johnny, grasping his hand tightly. He pressed his body against the door. People who had no idea what was going on would think him mad.

Ashley was taken aback at the sound of Francis's yelling. Lifting her head, she caught sight of Francis, who was flattened against the door. She raised her eyebrows and recognized him to be the good-looking man who had flirted with her this morning.

t his fair skin.

Ashley pretended to cough deliberately, interrupting Francis's relentless chatting. She went red as she explained, "No, it has nothing to do with him. It was an accident."

'I ran into that woman and got injured. She is Andrew's secretary and she has a thing for him. It seems it was Andrew's fault anyway, ' she thought.

As Ashley spoke for Andrew, Francis was about to say something. Johnny shook his head, signaling him to stop. 'Mr. Nan, didn't you notice that boss is angry? How dare you continue to speak to Miss Mu and speak ill of him?' he thought nervously.

Francis understood what Johnny was getting at and stopped talking. He took an ointment out of his medical kit, and as he was applying it to the injured part on Ashley's thigh, Andrew snatched it out of his hand.

"You can leave now," Andrew said coldly.

'How ungrateful he is!'

Francis stood there, burning with anger.

Andrew had a competent assistant. Before Francis could recover from his anger, Johnny grabbed his arm and dragged him towards the door.

When Francis came to his senses, he was already outside the office. Displeasure written large on his face, he squirmed out of Johnny's grip. He said slowly, "Tell your boss not to bother me if anyone he cares gets injured next time."

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