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   Chapter 126 Crazy Secretary

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 6515

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Andrew had been worried that he would hurt Ashley, who he was carrying in his arms, if he kicked Carol off, which gave Carol the opportunity to hold his legs tightly.

Andrew frowned. Ashley could feel the fury radiating off of him.

Johnny watched Carol's behavior nervously, cold sweat running down his temple. 'Does Carol even know what she is doing?' he thought worriedly.

But he didn't have the time to consider anything else and he ran forward to draw Carol away from Andrew.

Carol was an arrogant woman who thought that she was different and special to Andrew because she was the only female secretary. And since she seldom was approachable, Johnny didn't like her at all. But now, she had displeased the CEO. If she left now, Andrew would get angry at him. So he had to ask Andrew and Ashley to leave first. He could then deal with Carol.

"Mr. Lu and Miss Mu, you go on. I'll take care of things here," Johnny said politely. Drawing Carol back, Johnny covered her mouth with one hand and trapped her with his other hand so she couldn't move.

Andrew walked Ashley to his office anxiously but briskly, without sparing Carol another glance.

Carol couldn't make a sound, her mouth having been covered. She couldn't move an inch but she still squirmed in Johnny's grasp, letting out a humming sound.

She stared at Andrew's retreating back and couldn't hide her hatred for Ashley from her eyes.

'Why? I've worked in the Lu Group, been his secretary for 5 years, and dedicated myself to working. Although I have a crush on him, I never do anything improper. I should be given some credit for hard work.

Why did he fire me just because of this? And even more merciless was when he said that no other company should hire me! What a cruel person! I can't bear it anymore!' Carol thought indignantly.

Johnny didn't let go of Carol until he couldn't see Andrew. He didn't show Carol any sympathy because he had warned her that

hey were very happy to see her go now.

"A person like Carol deserves to be fired. Thank God she's finally gone! What a horrible woman! I can't believe she really thinks that Mr. Lu would be interested in her," another employee said.

Soon, the news that Carol had been fired, spread through the company. There were different versions that were doing the rounds.

Someone said that Carol had wanted to seduce Andrew but failed, which was why she was fired.

Some others said that Carol had offended Andrew's wife, which had made Andrew furious, and resulted in Andrew firing her.

There were many gossip-mongers in the Lu Group who could make up a lot of stories about this. So this became a hot topic during their leisure time.

In Andrew's office

Andrew took Ashley to his office, and laid her gently on the sofa. He looked sullen. Ashley tried holding her breath as she huddled into a ball on the sofa.

"Does it still hurt?" Andrew asked her softly. He knew that ethanol would disinfect her wound and brought it out.

Ashley nodded, looking at her scalded thigh. She groaned in pain when Andrew dabbed her thigh with ethanol.

Andrew saw this and said with a frown, "It really hurts, right? Then be careful next time." He was more cautious in treating the wound after that.

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