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   Chapter 125 Fire Her

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 5991

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"Andrew, my body aches." Ashley was relaxed as Andrew held her, but her thighs hurt as if they were burnt.

Andrew's expressionless face changed as he heard that. There were panic, worry, and regret on his face.

When Andrew told Johnny to look for Ashley, he felt his heart beating fast, as if something bad would happen, and that made him restless.

He left his work behind and came out to look for Ashley.

The moment he turned that particular corner, he saw that Carol had something in her hand and was about to touch it to Ashley's face.

Andrew's heartbeat had sped up at the sight. His feet were on autopilot as he ran to stop what was happening to Ashley and kicked Carol away.

And now that he heard Ashley saying that her body ached, he was obviously worried, and feared that she had gotten injured in multiple places.

"Which part aches?" Andrew asked, his voice coming out stiff and strangled.

Ashley moved her thigh. Andrew looked down and found that the bottom of Ashley's white dress was stained with coffee and her fair-skinned thighs were red.

Andrew looked at the injury and wanted to touch it, but he was afraid it would hurt Ashley. He pursed his lips, power and fury radiating off of him.

He carried Ashley to his office, flipping out his cellphone and making a call on the way.

Ashley was quiet and lay obediently in Andrew's arms.

Carol looked up as Andrew took Ashley in his arms and was about to leave.

As she took in the sight of Andrew's arms around Ashley, her eyes flared with jealousy. She was so close to destroying this woman's face. Why did the boss have to come here at this time?

Andrew kicked at Carol mercilessly and her face twisted with the pain.

Carol moved to Andrew pitifully and said, "Boss, it was her. You told me

You deal with this woman. Remember, I don't want to see her in the future. And I hope no company will employ her," Andrew said indifferently to Johnny, holding Ashley close to him.

Johnny was stunned at Andrew's emotionless command. "Yes, boss," he said.

This was the first time Johnny had seen his boss become this furious in all the years he had worked for him.

Andrew would not only fire Carol but also tell other companies not to hire her. He was obviously driving Carol to desperation.

If the Lu Group fired Carol, no other company would dare go against the decision and employ her. It meant that even if she wanted to, she couldn't work in this field in the future.

"No! No! Mr. Lu, You can't do this to me! You can't be so cruel to me!" Carol said, coming to her senses and moving to hold Andrew's leg tightly.

"Mr. Lu, it was her. It was all this woman's fault. She dashed to me first. Why don't you punish her?" Carol wasn't as arrogant as before. Now her hair was messy, and the makeup on her face was ruined. She looked ferocious but desperate.

"Get out!" Andrew wrinkled his brows when Carol had rushed to him. A strong perfume smell had assaulted his senses.

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