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   Chapter 124 The Scald

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Ashley held on to the wall beside her to keep her balance and not to fall to the ground again.

Ashley had no idea why this woman was acting like this. She wondered about the reason this woman was so angry. 'Is it because of my face? She thinks a girl with such a face is here to seduce her boss?' she thought in wonder.

"Well, let's talk about reparations. I can forgive you for spilling coffee on me, but you need to pay for what you did to my clothes. Fifty thousand. I'm giving you a discount, so you'd better give me the money!" Carol said, crossing her arms over her chest. She stood before Ashley and looked down at her.

Ashley frowned. The pain from her leg was killing her. She answered weakly, "I have offered you my sincere apology. I'm really sorry. It's just a little coffee stain on your clothes. How about this? I can wash it off."

Carol smirked and said, "What? You can wash it off? Ha ha! You think this is cheap like the rags you are wearing right now? Ridiculous! What I'm wearing is the real deal!"

"So what do you want?" Ashley said, sitting down against the wall.

"What I want is simple. All you have to do is cut your face," Carol said, whipping out an eyebrow razor out of nowhere and throwing it to Ashley.

Ashley could tell what Carol wanted from this incident.

"Don't push it!" she warned.

"Why do you say that? You can't afford my clothes. So you have to pay it in some way," Carol said, raising an eyebrow at Ashley.

"Well? You don't want to do it yourself? That's okay. I can help you," Carol continued. She crouched down and picked up the razor, her eyes flashing wickedly.

When Ashley saw the razor get closer and closer to her, she frowned, her heart thumping in fear. 'Damn it! I'm so screwed this time! The hot coffee didn't get on my face, but the razor is going to do it, ' Ashley thought frantically.

Ashley was physically and mentally exhausted. She was worn out when she had got lost, and had almost passed out because of the pain from the scal


Ashley could tell that this woman had a crush on Andrew, which was why she was so jealous of Ashley when she heard from Johnny that Andrew had married her.

When Ashley looked at Carol again, she saw the fire of jealousy and rage burning in her eyes. A woman like her was most terrifying. Ashley saw that the hand of death was hovering over her, ready to take her away.

"Why are you so quiet? I was right, wasn't I?" Carol thought that Ashley's speechlessness was because she had guessed right and started snickering.

She then held up the razor and brought it back to Ashley's face, ready to cut into the smooth flesh.

Ashley was so scared that she closed her eyes. She thought regretfully, 'I shouldn't have come out. I should have stayed in Andrew's office no matter how boring it was. Now my face is about to become scarred. Damn it! It's all Andrew's fault!

Why are so many women attracted to him?'

Ashley didn't feel the pain, but surprisingly, felt herself being enveloped in familiar arms.

She heard Carol's scream, which made her open her eyes.

Andrew's arms were wrapped around her and Carol was some distance away.

The cold aura emanating from Andrew frightened everyone, including Ashley.

Ashley held on to Andrew's neck and cautiously called his name.

Andrew looked at her but said nothing.

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