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   Chapter 123 Love Rival

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Johnny had his gaze fixed on her face. He could tell by her expression that she wasn't pretending to be surprised. Narrowing his eyes, he wondered whether his boss had told her who he really was.

But it wasn't his business to worry about that. So he shook off his doubt, coming to his senses.

When he saw the other staff staring at them, he became more serious than Ashley had ever seen him be. "Mind your own business," he told the prying staff. "You know what they say. Curiosity kills the cat. So just be aware of your place and don't cross the line." His tone reminded one of the way Andrew handled such situations.

And since Johnny was Andrew's assistant and his position was higher than anyone else's there, his word was almost as effective as Andrew's. His words had the effect he was looking for. Those who were staring at Ashley quickly withdrew their gazes and went back to their work. They didn't dare mess with their superior after all.

"Miss Mu, please don't go too far from here. This place is kind of big. I have to take care of my work, so I've got to go," Johnny suggested politely.

"I'll keep that in mind. You please go ahead with your work. I'll be fine," Ashley said with a nod.

Once Johnny had walked away, Ashley strolled across the floor.

She decided to take Johnny's advice since she didn't know this place or anyone here.

This company was several times bigger than Raymond's when it came to its carpet area.

It had a simple, high-end layout. Ashley went up to the French doors, overlooking the scenery of half of J City.

She had planned to spend just minutes taking a tour of the floor. But as she walked around, she gradually forgot her plan. She had a poor sense of direction, and since each room here shared a similar layout, she got lost.

She stuck her hand into her pocket to pull out her cell phone, but to her dismay, she realized that she hadn't brought it with her.

Ashley was desperate as she remembered with a sinking feeling that she had left her cellphone on the couch in Andrew's office.

She was out of options now and

am pretty, and I am a competent woman. Otherwise I couldn't have become Andrew Lu's only female secretary, ' Carol thought.

But when she saw Ashley, she became envious of her beauty.

Noticing that Ashley was about to turn and leave, she cried out, "Stop!"

"I said sorry. What else do you want?" Ashley said, stopping in her tracks. She didn't like this woman at all.

Even though she was reluctant to argue with the stranger, she still paused because it was her fault after all.

Carol walked up to Ashley, studying her from head to toe. The longer she stared at her, the more jealous she got.

'Alluring eyes, sexy lips, fair. Any man would fall for her, ' Carol thought.

And as Ashley was petite and delicate, Carol assumed that she had come here to seduce her boss.

She looked at Ashley with contempt in her eyes. 'She is good looking, but Andrew isn't a shallow person. He will not be interested in her just because of her pretty face, ' she thought.

Carol leaned in to Ashley, grabbed her chin, and examined her. With a sneer, she said, "I'll admit that you're hot." After a pause, she leered at Ashley dismissively and continued, "But don't you dare seduce my boss. He will not spare you a look." She tightened her grip on Ashley's chin, turned her head to one side, and released her grip abruptly. As a result, Ashley lost her balance again and stumbled backwards.

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