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   Chapter 122 Walking Around The Company

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And hadn't he seen Andrew go out with a woman from the coffee shop last time? Why was there another one here?

Francis couldn't understand it all. He was dizzy with confusion.

"Get out. Now." Andrew said mercilessly.

"Ah, don't be like this, Andrew Lu. I came here to have a business talk with you." Francis said, thinking that he was done anyway.

"Johnny," Andrew called out to his special assistant.

"Boss," Johnny responded and walked into the office.

"See this guest off!" Andrew said firmly, waving a hand at Francis without looking at him.

"Mr. Nan, this way, please," Johnny said to Francis, a tight smile on his face. It looked like it was not the first time this had happened.

Francis rolled his eyes and turned to Ashley. "Andrew's girl, help me. He is kicking me out." Francis came up behind Ashley, asking for her help.

Ashley finally took Andrew's big hand off her eyes and saw Francis hiding behind her.

This man was so different from the handsome and unrestrained guy who had entered the office just now. Ashley wanted to laugh.

Why was this guy so funny?

And Francis called her "Andrew's girl", which made Ashley blush. She didn't know what to say.

Andrew's face was impassive. Francis had made Andrew happy by calling Ashley "Andrew's girl", but he couldn't escape being thrown out.

Andrew looked at Johnny, his intention obvious.

When he met Andrew's eyes, Johnny knew what he had to do. Without caring about anything Francis would say, Johnny dragged out Francis by the hand.

"Aaahh! Andrew Lu, how can you do this? Believe it or not, I will tell your girl what you have done.

I will tell her about the last time you hugged a woman in a coffee shop!"

Ashley had been laughing when Francis was being dragged out.

But his last words had wiped the humor off her face.


. But why were they all male? Why was there no woman here?

While Ashley stood there, confused, a man she was familiar with came over.

Ashley smiled. "Hi, Johnny."

Ashley froze the moment she blurted out Johnny's name. She looked around to see the reactions of the people who were staring, but she found that they weren't staring at her anymore. She was relieved.

"Miss Mu," Johnny said, walking up to Ashley. "Why did you come out?"

Ashley wasn't afraid of losing face in front of an acquaintance. She rolled her eyes and complained, "I was bored sitting there, so I came out to get some fresh air."

Johnny laughed. His boss was a workaholic and was always busy working, before he had known Ashley. He had changed a lot after being in a relationship with Ashley. But the scenario hadn't changed much, because when he was working, she had still been truly bored sitting in the office.

"By the way," Ashley said, discreetly pointing to the suited men sitting in front of computers, "Are they all Andrew's assistants and secretaries?"

Johnny nodded and replied, "Yes."

"What kind of a person is your boss? Why does he have so many assistants and secretaries?" Ashley was surprised to hear Johnny's answer.

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