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   Chapter 121 Poker-faced Man

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It was obvious that he was a frequent visitor.

The man in the pink suit looked more coquettish than women, with his peachy cheeks and almond-shaped eyes. He cast flirtatious glances at every woman passing him by.

What was surprising was that the pink suit didn't feel awkward or feminine on him. Instead, it suited him. He had been like this since birth.

Francis walked straight to Andrew's office and sat down casually on the sofa.

"Ah, it's unexpected that Andrew would have snacks, which are girls' favorite. What a surprise! I'll enjoy myself first," Francis said, raising his eyebrows when he saw snacks on the table.

Francis was a playboy so he knew what kind of snacks were favored by girls.

He had bought them himself on many occasions.

Technically speaking, Francis was a dutiful lover. When he was in a relationship, he would treat his girl pretty well. Whether it was reasonable or not, as long as she wanted it, he would satisfy her demands.

However, he also was the most ruthless lover. Once the relationship ended, he would get away from her as soon as possible, and treat the girl like a complete stranger.

Feeling bored, Francis picked up some snacks and began to eat them. Soon he found himself addicted to them.

"Wow, they're delicious. Eh, famous brands. Good. Looks like Andrew is fond of these," Francis commented while he was eating.

He didn't notice Ashley because she lay on the secluded sofa on the other side and played with her cellphone, wearing earphones.

But Ashley had noticed him coming in because Francis made a lot of noise, which couldn't be ignored. She poked her head sneakily, casting a furtive glance at him, and then cowered quickly.

She couldn't help wondering, 'Andrew said no one would come to his office. But who is this guy? How did he come in?'

She sunk lower on the sofa, trying not to be found.

Luckily, the sofa she was lying on was in line with the one on which Francis was sitting, so if she didn't ma

ew and straightened up. "Well, you're back? Eh, I was joking just now. I know you won't take it seriously, dude. And, this beauty didn't mean to interrupt you. She came here by mistake, so don't throw her out."

Francis still remembered to appeal on behalf of Ashley even though he was unable to fend for himself. This made Ashley dislike him less. She watched him a little longer.

But suddenly her eyes were covered by Andrew. "Don't look at him!" he ordered.

No one knew that Andrew wanted to throw his friend out to the wolves when he heard what he said to Ashley. What a jerk! He dared to flirt with his wife. He even asked Ashley to be his girlfriend! How shameless!

Glaring at Francis who was still in shock, Andrew said severely, "Poker-faced man? Is that what you called me? Huh? Be your girlfriend? Are you serious?"

Francis didn't come to his sense when he found out the truth about Ashley and Andrew's relationship. He felt Andrew's anger. Feeling remorseful, he explained, "Hold on, Andrew. Listen to me. I didn't know she is your girlfriend. Otherwise, I would never say that, you know me, pal.

I will never steal your girl. I swear. By the way, who is she? Is she..." Ogling at Ashley, Francis was stunned.

According to rumors Andrew wasn't interested in women, so who was the girl beside him?

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