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   Chapter 120 Francis Nan

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Andrew thought he had gone too far. 'Just pamper her, in case I never get this chance again.'

Just as Andrew let Ashley go, there was a knock on his door.

Ashley got startled. She quickly sat up on the couch and covered her face with a book. She was too embarrassed to let anyone see her.

Andrew couldn't help but laugh softly at Ashley's adorable antics.

'His voice is pleasant but his laugh is even more attractive.'

Ashley thought, covering her face shyly.

"I am going for a meeting. You just stay in the office for a while. If you need anything, tell Johnny." Andrew told her in a deep voice and then opened the office door to leave.

"B...boss?" It was an assistant who had knocked on the door earlier. It was almost time for the meeting, so he had come to inform Andrew. But Andrew had unexpectedly opened the door and come out without asking him.

"Hmm, Let's go." Andrew glanced at the assistant casually.

He had barely walked two steps when he thought of something and suddenly stopped. The little assistant, who was following him, almost bumped into him. Fortunately, he reacted quickly.

"Boss?" the little assistant asked in fear.

Andrew was a terror in his company.

Andrew was thinking of Ashley and didn't notice the assistant's trembling voice. He thought for a while. "Take some snacks that girls like to my office," he ordered.

The assistant was in doubt, but he said yes obediently.

Andrew resumed walking, and the assistant continued to follow him. He suddenly stopped again. He turned around and frowned at his follower.

The assistant was scared by his boss's angry gaze. He had not done anything wrong. Then why was the boss staring at him this way? And what was wrong with the boss today? He had abruptly stopped twice in a short time.

"Go now!" He shouted, seeing that the assistant didn't do as he was told and followed him instead.

"Ah?" The little assistant lo

n the room could see that clearly, but nobody dared to say anything. Because Andrew had a long-standing reputation in the Lu Group.

This man drew his attention when he stood up.

"Boss, don't you think there is something improper in the project Mr. Liu showed us just now?"

Upon hearing his name, the director, Mr. Liu, got scared and broke into a cold sweat.

'If this guy doesn't want to live, it is not a problem, but why does he want to pull me down with him?'

That man encouraged himself. Andrew didn't listen carefully just now, so he thought the boss couldn't answer the question.

Andrew narrowed his eyes and asked, "Are you questioning me?"

The man was under a lot of pressure. He clenched his hand and replied, "No, I don't dare to."

"It needs too much money for investment, and the construction period is too long. The proposal was full of crap earlier and this project is getting nowhere,"

Andrew stated and turned to stare at Mr. Liu, "That project plan must be redone."

Mr. Liu nodded in awe.

"Is there any objection?" Andrew looked around and everyone lowered their heads under his challenging gaze.

In Andrew's office

A coquettish man dressed in a pink suit pushed the door open and walked in, as if he had walked into his own home.

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