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   Chapter 119 Keeping Him Company

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 7099

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Johnny dodged Ashley's hand politely, so Ashley wasn't embarrassed. Ashley was the person his boss cherished the most, after all.

Johnny smiled in a friendly manner and replied, "No, thanks, Miss Mu. I had breakfast before coming here."

He then turned to Andrew and said, "Boss, if there isn't anything else, I think I'd better get back to work."

Saying thus, Johnny rushed out of the office like a gust of wind, not giving Ashley a chance to react.

Andrew was satisfied with how Johnny had behaved.

"Wait, Johnny!" Ashley's voice trailed off, as she found that Johnny had already disappeared.

Hearing footsteps approaching from behind her, Ashley tensed a little. She felt like she was trapped and was desperate to run out of the office like Andrew's assistant just had. But she knew she couldn't.

She didn't have the nerve to displease Andrew.

Andrew walked to Ashley's side and found that she was still staring at the door. "He is gone. What are you looking at?" he asked, his voice dripping with jealousy.

He knew that Ashley wasn't interested in his assistant, but he couldn't help but feel upset. He hated watching his wife look at other men.

'She can't look at any other men but me. I'm so much more handsome than all of them. She won't get sick of looking at me, '

the narcissist in Andrew thought.

Luckily, Ashley had no idea what was on his mind. Or she would make fun of him.

And she would tease him for thinking so highly of himself.

Ashley turned around without looking at him, made her way to couch, sat down and said, "Let's have breakfast. I'm starving."

Andrew pursed his lips but didn't say anything.

He went up to Ashley, took out the breakfast and placed it in front of her.

Johnny had brought them all kinds of food. There were several types of porridge, including Pork and Preserved Egg Congee, Pumpkin Porridge, Eight Grain Porridge, Mung Bean Porridge, Chinese Cabbage Porridge, and Pork Liver Congee.

Besides, there were steamed buns with pork stuffing, dumplings with pork, steamed Chinese buns, dumplings with Chinese chives, fried bread stick, and

her onto the couch. She tried to push him away and make an escape but to no avail. He was a strong man, after all. She eventually stopped struggling and resigned herself to her fate.

Pressing up against her, Andrew planted a soft kiss on her lips and asked in his sexy voice, "Are you still going to the bakery?"

Only a fool would say yes. Ashley shook her head and said, "N... No, I'm going to stay here." Even though he got the reply he wanted, Andrew still stared at Ashley possessively, the desire in his eyes only multiplying. Ashley was so annoyed with him that she wanted to kick his ass.

As Andrew lowered his head in a bid to kiss her again, she covered her mouth with her hands and narrowed her eyes at him. Her eyes were full of anger and accusation.

She was certain that her lips were swollen for her lips were numb and she could feel the puffiness of her lips.

But little did she know that her glare could do nothing to hinder Andrew right now.

The sight of her annoyed eyes and pink, blushing cheeks endeared her to Andrew even more, turning him on in the process.

His eyes betrayed the lust he was feeling as he stared at her. His voice was husky as he said, "Don't look at me like that." 'Or I might lose control of myself, ' he finished the sentence in his mind.

His remark baffled Ashley. As something occurred to her, she rolled her eyes at Andrew and turned her face away.

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