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   Chapter 118 An Unusually Sweet Day

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Now Johnny's only wish was to drive the car to the company so that he could drop Andrew and Ashley off as soon as possible.

As Johnny parked the car at the company gate, Andrew carefully encircled Ashley with his arms and took her inside, without sparing a glance at Johnny.

Security for the Lu Group was always tight, be it day or night. But since Andrew was present, getting in wasn't a problem. The security guard was amazed to see Andrew and immediately drew himself up.

He was confused as to why Mr. Lu had come to the company this early, but it was none of his business anyway. So he just allowed him in.

Johnny followed Andrew through the gate. As Andrew's special assistant, Johnny enjoyed a high position in the company.

He had his own office and a lounge room which were quite luxurious.

There were only a few hours to go before work hours officially started, so it was impossible to go home. So Johnny decided to spend this time in the company.

"Hi, Mr. Cheng!" the guard called out. The guard obviously knew him and greeted him in a friendly manner.

Johnny nodded shortly to the guard and hurried after Andrew.

The guard was confused as he looked at Andrew's and Johnny's retreating figures. 'Why have they come so early?' he wondered.

Andrew took Ashley to the lounge in his office. There was a large white bed in this room and the decor was similar to that in his villa.

Andrew carefully lowered Ashley to the bed. As he looked at her peaceful sleeping face, Andrew's heart couldn't help but beat violently.

Andrew was exhausted and sleepy after a long day. He took a quick bath and lay down on the bed beside Ashley. He embraced her and fell asleep quickly.

The next morning, Ashley woke to a body wrapped around her, almost squeezing the breath out of her.

Ashley slowly opened her eyes and was stunned to see Andrew's face inches from hers.

She remembered the events of the last day.

Ellie had asked her to go home with An

. So she was actually happy to see Johnny and wanted to hold his hand to ask him to stay.

Just as Johnny was about to leave, Ashley, desperate to make him stay, said, "Johnny, you must have had no time for breakfast, since you had to buy it for us. There is too much food for us anyway. Why not join us?"

Ashley was about to pull on Johnny's sleeve to ask him to stay. According to her, Johnny was one of Andrew's most trusted helpers at work and was at a high position in the company. Andrew also thought highly of him, so Ashley naturally thought it was okay for Johnny to have breakfast with them.

Moreover, Johnny was the only one that she knew in this company, apart from Andrew.

And because of what had just happened, she didn't want to stay in the room alone with Andrew any longer. That was why she had made up her mind to ask Johnny to be in their company.

But before her outstretched hands could touch Johnny's arm, Andrew had stared coldly at Johnny, looking like he wanted to kill Johnny with just his eyes.

Johnny shuddered as he met his boss's eyes.

Then he carefully avoided Ashley's hands. 'Oh, Miss Mu! Don't you see my boss's eyes? He wants to kill me now!' he berated her in his mind. Johnny could tell that if he allowed Ashley to touch his arms, his boss would cut his hands off.

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