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   Chapter 117 Happy

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Ashley was speechless. Was it as she had thought?

Johnny looked over at Ashley.

Judging by how his boss was looking right now, he thought that the decision-maker must definitely be his wife. If the boss's wife agreed to go back, the boss would go back. If the lady refused, the boss would stay here and wouldn't budge an inch.

Johnny couldn't say anything. What kind of a boss was he working for?

Johnny couldn't help but fix his eyes on Ashley and say rather firmly, "Miss Mu, please come back to J City with us. You were worried about Miss Su. Now you've seen that she is fine here, and there is nothing wrong."

Ashley looked at Ellie's tired face and then at Johnny. She had a headache.

She had just arrived in L City and hadn't yet met Ellie's grandpa and grandma. How could she leave like this?

Ashley turned to Andrew and said, "You go back first, OK? I have something to talk with Ellie and will come back tomorrow."

Andrew pursed his lips and replied, "Come back to J City with me."

Ashley pulled Andrew aside and said in a low voice, "Please go back first. You need to go to work tomorrow. I promise I will be back as soon as I can. OK?"

Ashley felt like she was comforting a child.

Andrew didn't answer, merely staring stubbornly at her.

"Andrew Lu, what the hell do you want me to do?" Ashley pleaded helplessly.

"Go back to J City with me."

Ashley had said everything to make him happy, but all in vain. It angered her to no end.

"Andrew Lu, don't get fresh with me! I have something to do here," she said, not bothering to conceal her irritation.

Andrew obviously didn't buy her explanation.

Ashley had had enough. She was fuming and at the moment, didn't care what Andrew wanted to do. She turned to Ellie and said, "Ellie, let's go. Leave them alone."

Ashley pulled Ellie by the arm and made to walk around Andrew and Johnny towards the exit.

Andrew glanced coldly at the spot w

seemed that his boss would never be above his wife in the future.

Johnny believed that it was wise to try and get Ashley's favor.

There was a strange smell in the car because of Ashley's snack-eating. Before, Andrew would have gotten mad at any smell. But today, he didn't say anything.

As expected, other people couldn't be compared with Miss Mu.

It was just before dawn when they reached J City. Andrew didn't go back to the villa, but instructed Johnny to drive to the company.

Ashley became sleepy after eating the snacks and soon fell asleep.

Andrew cautiously moved close to Ashley and put her head on his shoulder to let her sleep more comfortably.

Andrew stared at Ashley's sleeping form and thought that he couldn't see her enough. He wouldn't ever be tired of looking at her and could fix his eyes on her for a lifetime.

Looking at Ashley's lips that had turned red after she had eaten the spicy food, Andrew couldn't help but kiss her on the lips.

Johnny was surprised to see his boss taking such gentle care of his wife.

Was this gentle and considerate man his boss? Or was he a fake? Would he leave them alone? He didn't think he could bear to see that.

But right now, he realized how he looked, watching a couple in love, and caught himself in time.

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